Healthcare costs could be increased after GST, Apollo Hospital warns

New Delhi: Apollo Hospitals, a leading hospital run across the country, said that after the implementation of the goods and services tax (GST) system, altogether healthcare costs could be increased because of some services and products of 15-18 percent Rate will be taxed.

However, healthcare has GST has been exempted from. Pratap C. Reddy, chairman of Apollo Hospitals, said that if the healthcare costs increase by 2 percent, then the hospital will be in a place to carry it at its own level, but if it increases, it will have to put the burden on the patients ie patients. Reddy said, “There is no GST for us. But there is 15-18 percent GST services on some products and some services. The burden of the rate will fall on us.

“Therefore, After implementation, the cost of hospitals will be about 2% higher. Reddy said, if the increase in cost (up to 2 percent), then the hospital will bear it, but if this increase is three or four percent then patients will have to bear the burden

G.S.T. in the country Implementation is proposed from July 1. G.S.T. Council has given healthcare exemption from GST. Reddy offers healthcare to GST Welcomed the move of the government to keep aside. It is worth mentioning that Apollo Hospitals had earlier said that the government has given healthcare and education the desired importance. Reddy also said that after recovering from the ban on the ban, the company is now operating normally and is increasing. The company has 64 hospitals across the country.

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