Hotelier Sanjeev Nanda: Strategies to help hospitality in post-pandemic recovery

Sanjeev Nanda

As the hospitality industry continues its fight for survival post a huge dip in the demand due to the Covid-19 pandemic, business owners are continuously coming up with innovative ideas to keep their ventures afloat. We talked to prominent hotelier Sanjeev Nanda about the measures major industry players are taking to ensure a speedy comeback.

According to Nanda, several businesses have upped the ante by incorporating a combination of cutting-edge technologies in a bid to improve consumer confidence, all the while trying to mitigate the losses incurred during the disease outbreak.  He also highlighted the importance of local tourism that has come to light since the onset of the pandemic.

“When the borders began closing around the world and the international flights began getting suspended, it was a pretty shaking scenario for not just the tourism sector but for hospitality as well. However, this adversity gave birth to a new opportunity as the local travel started picking up even more steam,” said Sanjeev Nanda.

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“Due to the pandemic, most people could not go on trips abroad, which naturally led to a rise in the search for local destinations. The rediscovery of nearby tourist attractions subsequently led to a rise in enthusiasm regarding local travel. Government policies have also been quite supportive of the same, so it is safe to say that the trend is going to stay for a while,” he added.

Looking ahead, the hospitality maven is of the opinion that the hospitality sector should create new, innovative business strategies that are in tandem with the growing interest in local tourism. He also pointed out that multiple business tactics have already emerged in wake of the pandemic, which are helping ventures stay afloat in the turbulent waters.

“From the pre-existing notions of customer experience, the focus has shifted on making the guests feel not just welcomed but also safe from disease. Staycations are gaining popularity especially in light of remote work gaining larger acceptance, so the businesses need to strategize with that respect too,” said Sanjeev Nanda.

He added, “The dictum for this year is going to be enhanced sensitivity towards the guests’ needs and flexibility towards the business dynamics. Agility in terms of response will prove to be critical and an increased influx of guests can be expected once the vaccination drive is complete.”

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