India’s First SEVC (Solar-based Electric Vehicle Charging) Station Installed on Delhi-Chandigarh EV Friendly Highway!

The Delhi-Chandigarh route has become India’s first EV friendly highway. Karnal Lake Resort, situated at the centre of Delhi and Chandigarh. The government’s robust push in the EV space is unequivocally clear from this project and other latest policies.

EV Friendly Highway

This piece of information represents another jewel in India’s EV Infrastructure crown. The EV push in the country is unfolding in many layers at an impressive pace. India is well on track to become one of the largest EV markets with modern charging technology. Case in point, the Delhi-Chandigarh highway has become India’s first EV-friendly track. Karnal Lake Resort, situated at the centre of Delhi and Chandigarh, houses the country’s first SEVC (Solar-based Electric Vehicle Charging) station.

This charging infrastructure is installed by BHEL under the FAME-1 (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid) and Electric Vehicles in India) scheme. The project was inaugurated by Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey, the Union Minister of Heavy Industries. The government’s robust push in the EV space is unequivocally clear from this project and other latest policies. BHEL intends to install 19 such charging points at an interval of about 25-30 km to eliminate the range-anxiety issue from people’s minds.

The Electric Vehicle market in India is growing in leaps and bounds. This could be ascertained from the exponentially increasing monthly sales figures where Tata Nexon and MG ZS EV are at the forefront of this trend. Astronomically rising fuel prices have forced the population to look for alternate solutions. Keeping the long-term mindset, electric cars seem to be a great asset to own.

At this stage, the Central Government and various State Governments are offering massive subsidies to promote the rapid adoption of electric vehicles in the country. This sweetens the deal profoundly for the people looking for that push to go for an EV. Until now, the major points of contention for the EV market include range anxiety, high initial purchasing cost and long charging time. This has already diverted a ton of people towards buying a CNG car because of the affordability factor and relatively dense fuel-filling infrastructure. 

For instance, the regular IC engine-powered Tata Nexon costs between Rs 7.5 lakh to Rs 13.5 lakh. The same car with the same features in its electric avatar costs Rs 14 lakh to Rs 17 lakh. The time to charge the battery (from 10% to 90%) with a regular charger is around 9 hours. Even with a DC fast charger, the Nexon EV takes 1 hour to charge from 0 to 80%. Compared to petrol/diesel refuelling, it is a lot.

Add to this the lack of charging infrastructure in the country. All these factors contribute to people not being entirely confident about EVs. However, projects like this Delhi-Chandigarh EV-friendly highway will surely go a long way in etching a positive image in the minds of potential customers. Additionally, Tesla has also announced that it will enter India either before the end of 2021 or early 2022. It recognizes the growth potential that India presents and will be a game-changer in the Indian EV market. Tesla might also think of establishing its manufacturing facility here if the demand meets the expectations.

This Delhi-Chandigarh EV-friendly highway will, hopefully, be the first of many such projects in the India EV space. The Government certainly seems firm on considering the Environmental Security at par with the National Security, as announced by PM Modi during his Independence Day speech. If this is the trend that our policymakers have decided to follow, the green revolution in India is definitely heading towards a better place.

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