Taiwan Excellence – The Holy Grail of Modern Technology To Take The Digital Route

Taiwan Excellence is a digital space that showcases the ultra-modern and high-tech products chosen from a rich pool of products developed around the year in the country. It is a microsite that offers digital communication between Taiwan’s best products/companies and the potential global customer base.

Taiwan Excellence

Taiwan Excellence is a zenith of technology that the country has to offer. Touted as the Oscars of Taiwan, Taiwan Excellence incorporates the best products of the year. These products feature on this prestigious platform by virtue of being cutting-edge, future-proof, sustainable, economically viable and utilitarian for people for today and tomorrow. In a way, Taiwan Excellence digital space showcases the ultra-modern and high-tech products that are chosen from a rich pool of products developed around the year in the country. It is a microsite that offers digital communication between Taiwan’s best products/companies and the potential global customer base.

Taiwan Excellence in 2021

Following the constantly evolving global scenario due to the pandemic, Taiwan Excellence has adapted itself to tackle the challenges of these times. While every year 20,000+ Indians used to visit the Taiwan Expo in person to experience this fest, the advancement in technology and rigid commitment between the Governments and organising members have ensured that the entire experience of the Taiwan Excellence could be encapsulated in a digital space. As incredulous as it sounds, it has been experimented with before as well in 2020, where 10,000+ visitors attended the event online. Despite all that, the potential business opportunities were worth in the vicinity of $10 million. Digital is the new normal and what better place to start embracing it than this.

Digital Pavilions

The entire range of products will be accessible through the microsite of Taiwan Excellence. People will be able to register their interest through a message or a video call. The objective is to ensure an as close experience to the physical as possible through the 3D rendering of the entire Expo space. There will be 8 online pavilions in total and the Taiwan Excellence will be the grandest of them all. It will feature products/services in the sectors like Sports, Fitness, Industry 4.0, E-Mobility, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Sensors, Gateway Devices, Security, IT and Communication Technology, Healthcare, Education, Automation, Software Development, Consumer Electronics among a plethora of other sectors.

Taiwan Excellence will host 42 participating brands with major players like the InWin, AVer, EMS, Avision among others. In Win Development Inc., an ISO 9001 manufacturer of professional computer chassis, server chassis, power supplies and storage devices, is the leading provider of enclosure solutions to system integrators worldwide. AVer Information Inc. is a global provider of intelligent education and smart video collaboration solutions, including visualizers, mobile device charging solutions, and distance learning systems. These companies are working diligently towards developing modern and technologically adaptable products to enhance the lifestyle of consumers globally.

Taiwanese Culture and Technology

Through the medium of the Taiwan Expo, a global business diaspora will get exposed to the Taiwanese culture which is a key component in expanding global businesses. There will be cultural exchange programs in this Expo to develop a sense of familiarity between international players and to understand the sentiments driving a particular market. Taiwan is considered to be the powerhouse of the semiconductor industry in the global scheme of things. The need for electronic chips and semiconductors is only going to surge in times to come where technology will creep into every aspect of our lifestyle. Hence, Taiwan is already a key player in this space and will continue to do so. India shares cordial, amicable and supportive relations with Taiwan and these two economies play a major role in the South-East Asian region. Together, both the nations could experience a boost in their respective economic prowess.

How to visit Taiwan Expo in India 2021?

For all the tech-savvy people out there who must be craving for a trip to Taiwan, here is the best way to visit the Expo without even stepping a foot outside your home. The event is entirely online and you can easily register yourself on the Taiwan Expo website. Make sure to mark your presence to expose yourself to the upcoming products with advancements in technology.

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