With Jharkhand’s Gadget Bank, underprivileged kids can take online classes on laptops and smartphones

Jharkhand is preparing to make an electronic gadget bank. Discarded electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets should be used. According to The New Indian Express, these will be distributed to underprivileged kids so they can attend online classes.

Police initiative 

It is a state police initiative to bridge the digital divide among children, said DGP Neeraj Sinha.

“Our society is highly unequal, so access to online classes is limited among the children, which has created a digital divide. Online classes can be taken by those with smartphones or laptops, but those without them are unable to attend. The initiative will likely reduce the existing inequality in society,” he said.

Simple process

He added that if people are unable to get an education, there is a possibility that they will turn to crime.

“It is common for people to discard mobile and computer devices after using them for one or two years as they become outdated very quickly. People hesitate to give it away, thinking it may get mishandled and only the owner will be held liable for that,” he said. 

Once the device is turned in to the police station, all responsibility for that device is released, he said

All for the better

That’s a nice initiative, and several children who aren’t so fortunate as to have access to such devices will benefit from it.

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