Jahaan Khurana: Visionary Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Nominated for Padma Shri 2025

Jahaan Khurana, a visionary entrepreneur in Delhi’s food industry, has been nominated for the Padma Shri 2025. His innovative ventures and dedication to social causes have left a significant mark on the community.

Jahaan Khurana

New Delhi – In the bustling landscape of Delhi’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, Jahaan Khurana stands out for his remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment to excellence. Recently nominated for the prestigious Padma Shri 2025, this honor not only celebrates his accomplishments but also underscores his profound impact on society.

A Journey of Passion and Innovation

Jahaan Khurana, a B.Com graduate from Delhi University, has always been passionate about the food and beverage industry. Unlike a fleeting childhood obsession, his ardor for this field stayed rooted and has driven his entrepreneurial ventures from a young age. His journey began in 2007, with extensive travels to China and South Africa to understand international markets. This exposure led to the creation of “Roti Aur Boti,” a restaurant chain that gained immense popularity in North India by 2013.

In 2016, Jahaan launched “Six Pack Momos,” a unique concept that introduced machine-made momos with 250+ varieties, revolutionizing the Delhi market. The company was later sold to a foreign investor, marking another significant milestone in his career.

The Rolling Plate: A Pioneering Venture

Jahaan’s most notable venture, “The Rolling Plate,” was launched on August 15, 2019. This innovative cloud kitchen model offers a B2B franchise starting at just 2.9 lakh rupees, attracting widespread investor interest. The Rolling Plate, which operates under the revolutionary FOCO (Franchise Own Company Operated) model, has grown to over 200 outlets and employs more than 100 people.

The success of The Rolling Plate is further demonstrated by its valuation of 1 million dollars and the launch of popular brands such as Ballu Bawarchi, Bhukha Sher, Rozi Roti, Oye Chotu, and Shanghai Chilli’s. Jahaan’s innovative approach has redefined the dynamics of the food industry, making The Rolling Plate a household name.

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Commitment to Social Responsibility and Women’s Empowerment

Beyond entrepreneurship, Jahaan Khurana’s vision extends to societal betterment. Growing up amidst financial constraints, he is deeply committed to giving back. Under his leadership, The Rolling Plate celebrated its fourth foundation day and India’s Independence Day by organizing a self-defense training camp for over 400 schoolgirls at Kingsway Camp in New Delhi. This initiative, part of the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav celebrations, aimed to equip young girls with essential self-defense skills to bolster their confidence and ensure their safety.

Jahaan and co-founder Divy Kohli are dedicated to making a positive impact on society. They view their venture as more than a business, striving to create a safer environment for women and promoting environmental sustainability through eco-friendly practices.

Recognition and Future Goals

The nomination of Jahaan Khurana for the Padma Shri 2025 is a testament to his exemplary leadership, innovative spirit, and dedication to excellence. This recognition honors individuals who embody the values of innovation, integrity, and service to humanity – qualities that Jahaan exemplifies in abundance.

Moreover, Jahaan Khurana was recently appointed as the President of the Food & Beverage (F&B) Council at the Chamber of Trade and Industry (CTI). This prestigious appointment acknowledges his outstanding leadership and contributions to the culinary industry.

Quote from Jahaan Khurana

“Being nominated for the Padma Shri is an immense honor. I am committed to leveraging this recognition to promote innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity within our vibrant industry,” said Jahaan Khurana.

Looking Ahead

As Jahaan Khurana continues to chart new territories in the world of entrepreneurship and social impact, his journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and changemakers alike. His story is a reminder that with passion, perseverance, and a commitment to making a difference, anything is possible.

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