How Manoj Tulsani Built Rayna Tours & Travels from a Single Travel Outlet?

Manoj Tulsani co-founded Rayna Tours and Travels, a Dubai-based travel company that began as a small boutique. His vision, dedication, and strategic decisions fueled remarkable growth, leading the company to success even during the pandemic. Today, Rayna Tours continues to expand into various industries.

Manoj Tulsani Rayna Tours

Most businesses have a rough start, but only a few take off on a smooth flight and eventually have a success story. It is due to the hard work and determination of the people behind them to turn their passion into a reality. The success story of Rayna Tours and Travels and its co-founder, Manoj Tulsani, is no exception. Manoj Tulsani is a self-made entrepreneur whose impressive success is now an inspiration for those keen on getting their hands on the complexities and challenges of the entrepreneurial world. So, let’s look at his journey through this post, starting from his early life and career to finally building a multi-million-dollar business group.

Manoj Tulsani – Early Life, Education, and Initial Career

Manoj Tulsani was born to Manghu Tulsani and Bharti Tulsani on August 14, 1978. He grew up with his sister, Laveena Khanwani, in Ajmer, in India’s largest state, Rajasthan. He completed his education at DAV Senior Secondary School, and later, he attended the University of Mumbai to pursue a degree in commerce. After his graduation, he secured his first job as a marketing executive in 1999 with Safeer Group of Companies in Dubai, where he met his friend and future partner, Kamlesh Ramchandani. The two instantly clicked because of their shared passion for travel and entrepreneurship. He later joined the Time Machine Group of Companies and worked here until 2006, when he was promoted to the position of marketing head.

Founding Rayna Tours and Travels

When Manoj Tulsani decided to take a break from the trading industry, he came across a void in the travel domain, as back then, most people traveling to Dubai booked accommodations in advance but overlooked the significance of planning how to spend a holiday here. It actually formed the base for Manoj and Kamlesh to launch Rayna Tours and Travel in 2006 as a travel boutique within the Flora Grand Hotel. They started by organizing activities and tours for the hotel guests.

Challenges and Growth

Although the start was relatively smooth and their concept innovative, it wasn’t really easy for them to convince their potential audience and secure a firm grip in the industry. They were newcomers with absolutely no solid fund, mentor, or background in the industry, adding fuel to their initial struggles. But, amid all the challenges, they ensured the best services for their customers, allowing them to take home the prized moments of their Dubai or UAE trip. Their concept gradually received the attention and recognition it deserved, as they opened over 15 travel outlets within the emirate’s top hotels and resorts. One of Rayna Tours’ major milestones was in 2009, when it established itself as one of Dubai’s top destination management companies, with its main office at Dubai’s Old Labour Building in Abu Hail.

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Rayna Tours and Travel’s Success

Rayna Tours’ success is due to Manoj’s leadership, strategic decision-making skills, and, primarily, his keen eye for identifying opportunities. The company underwent a major transformation from 2009 to 2014; it reinforced its product and service portfolio by owning desert camps, vehicles, cruise lines, etc. It allowed them to eliminate middlemen and grow as a direct-to-consumer service provider, promising the best price guarantee for most Dubai must-experiences, such as desert safaris, dhow cruises, and city tours, to name a few. They also opened branches in other emirates of the UAE, mainly Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

It further boosted its presence online through flexible, user-friendly portals on B2C ( and B2B ( Technoheaven Consultancy, the company’s exclusive technical entity, guarantees the high-end and uninterrupted functioning of these pages and various apps and deals pages. Along with this, Manoj also focused on the quality of their offerings, as Rayna Tours and Travels became an ISO-certified company by receiving ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 in 2015. Before it shifted to a more extensive facility at Deira’s ACICO Business Park Building in 2019, it acquired Arabian Explorers, a destination management company owned by Yasser Noman, who is now Rayna Tours’ executive chairman.

Over time, the company was recognized for its exceptional services and high-end customer care. In 2017, it became the Best Partner for Dubai Parks and Resorts. It also bagged the 2018 Arabian Travel Awards for the Best Destination Management Company and the Best B2B Portal. Apart from these, it won the coveted TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Award continuously in 2020 and 2021.

Setback and Resurgence

As with most of its contemporaries, Rayna Tours also found itself at a crossroads when the pandemic grappled the world in 2020, resulting in travel restrictions, the closure of air corridors, and a decline in demand for holidays. But Manoj used this phase wisely to review operations, revamp strategies, upgrade resources, and, mostly, restructure the team with zero layoffs. All these helped the company overcome this unparalleled period with grace and resilience. It was during this phase that Himanshu Laul became a part of the company as the director of business. He has played an incredible role in amplifying the company’s social media presence and driving organic traffic to their platforms. Since October 2022, Himanshu has been the company’s managing director.

Future Plans

Manoj was the company’s CEO from 2009 until he gave way for Senthil Velan, an industry veteran, to fill this role in May 2023. But he continues to be the major driving force behind the company’s success. As the company has branches in more than ten countries, it looks forward to spreading to more destinations across the world. It also recently diversified its business operations into other industries, such as real estate, construction, transport, digital marketing, etc. They include Rayna Properties, Rayna Seacation, and Balloon Flights.

Final Thoughts

Manoj’s success story is directly attributed to his strong entrepreneurial spirit and attentiveness to stay on top of the latest industry innovations and trends. And it proves that all you need to realize your dream is a solid will to wade through ongoing challenges and find opportunity in every obstacle.

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