Anubhav Dubey & the creation of popular Chai Sutta Bar

Anubhav Dubey is the founder of Chai Sutta Bar, a tea-shop chain with over 325 outlets across 175 cities worldwide. The chai shop chain already has a net worth of over INR 100 crores. Anubhav is also famous for giving motivational speeches and his podcasts.

Anubhav Dubey Chai Sutta Bar

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Who is Anubhav Dubey?

Anubhav Dubey was born on September, 1996 in Madhya Pradesh’s Rewa District. Hailing from a small town and belonging to a middle-class background, Anubhav worked hard to realize his parents’ ambition of becoming an IAS officer. He moved to Delhi after finishing school with the goal of excelling in the UPSC examinations but ended up taking a completely different path. He and his good friend, Anand Nayak, decided to establish their own venture together, and the Chai Sutta Bar story began from there.

Anubhav and Anand launched their business with a small investment of Rs 3 lakh. Working on a shoestring budget, the two co-founders soon realized they could not afford branding or advertising. They opened their first outlet in Indore with the help of second-hand furnishings and cheap materials. Now with more than 165 locations nationwide, Anubhav Dubey‘s Chai Sutta Bar has branches in nearly every region.

India is a country with the largest chai consumer market. It has become one of India’s rapidly expanding tea chain cafés. Initially, the Chai Sutta Bar sold 4000-5000 Kulhads each day; but today, they sell 80,000+ Kulhads per day, which is a tremendous milestone.

Why is Chai Sutta Bar so Famous?

Chai Sutta Bar is dedicated to providing high-quality products and beverages. In order to provide everyone an exceptional experience, they want to combine our rich Indian culture with the rapidly modernizing environment. Their objective is to spread the word about kulhad chai all around the world. Chai Sutta Bar operates around the tenet of offering superior customer experience with the goal to make it an ever-expanding global brand. As one of India’s trendiest cafes, it offers its patrons – kulhad chai, coffee and a variety of munchies. It has grown to become the largest Kulhad Tea Franchise in India.

The brand currently boasts 18 lakh customers and 165 outlets across the nation, with revenue that exceeds Rs 100 crore. Additionally, Anubhav Dubey’s Chai Sutta Bar offers business opportunities to 250 potter families that produce kulhads for their stores.

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How can you get Anubhav Dubey Chai Sutta Bar Franchise?

Anubhav Dubey’s Chai Sutta Bar is the top franchise in the tea sector. There are outlets all throughout India, as well as in Nepal and the United Arab Emirates. The Chai Sutta Bar franchise has a solid reputation and a strong online presence. It has a sterling reputation, market worth and brand value.

One of the key factors for to attain the franchise is location which should constitute an area 300-400 sq. ft. Along with that, there is a franchise fee which need to be made. It offers an agreement of 5-years and raw materials with comprehensive brand operation and marketing support along with an extensive supply chain ecosystem.

Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Cost?

The reduced CAPEX and greater profits of Anubhav Dubey’s Chai Sutta Bar franchise makes it a wise choice. The cost of obtaining the franchise may depend on a number of factors, but it requires a total investment of around Rs. 16 lakh. Additionally, franchisees must pay a 2% royalty. The return on investments usually takes between 14-18 months to materialize. From its inception in 2016, Chai Sutta Bar has over 325 outlets in 175 cities worldwide, providing it a global footprint and making it a sought-after business for upcoming entrepreneurs.

Some lesser-known facts about Anubhav Dubey – Chai Sutta Bar Founder | Net Worth | Education | Franchise Opportunity

Full NameAnubhav Dubey
FamilyFather, mother and one sister
Known asFounder of Chai Sutta Bar – Tea Shop chain
Birth Year1996
Anubhav Dubey Age27 (as of 2023)
Anubhav Dubey Net worth INR 10 crores approx.
Chai Sutta Bar Net WorthINR 100 crores approx.
Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Cost Minimum INR 16 Lacs – ROI expected after 14-18 months
SchoolMaharishi Vidya Mandir
CollegeRenaissance college of commerce & management, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Other venturesPresident of Farz Foundation

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