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Rudraksh Group Mohali : How To Crack New Zealand Student Visa Interview?

In recent times, New Zealand has emerged as yet another prominent destination for Indian students to migrate to. The island country offers world-class educational institutes, quality standard of living, international exposure, multi-cultural exchange along with breathtaking landscapes and unique touristic exposure. Rudraksh Group in Mohali is an experienced overseas education consultant, that has been in the industry for over 28 years. They have recently seen a surge in the number of students opting for New Zealand to pursue higher education. They explain the critical questions that could bolster your confidence during the visa interview. 

Rudraksh Group shares tips to crack New Zealand student visa interview :

Basic Questions

As evident, this category includes fundamental questions related to your personal information like your DOB (Date of Birth), your parents’ details, starting date of your course, tuition fee, etc. You don’t need to prepare anything for this section as you know it inside out. 

Academic Questions

This section deals with the information regarding your educational qualifications. You have to share the entire timeline of your education starting from school, college, subjects in university, duration of the course, date of the commencement of degree, etc. 

Financial Questions 

Rudraksh Group mentions that it is where one needs to be a bit careful. You must be aware of the entire finances that you will need for the whole duration of your course in NZ. This includes aspects like the source of funds, bank statement, bank balance, loan details, sponsor, and all the documents related to it. Basically, you must be aware of the source of all the money that will be needed for the education 

Work Experience Questions

There are many people who might have taken up a job after completing their education in India. For them, complete documents related to the job responsibility, description, salary statement, date of joining, experience certificates, etc are needed. These are normal certificates that you will already have. 

Questions Related to NZ

The interviewer might even ask you about the reason why you chose to migrate to NZ instead of any other country. You could answer something along the lines of the quality of education, course duration, the potential of the course, climate, safety, multi-cultural exposure, details about part-time job opportunities, minimum wages, and more. Basically, you must acquaint yourself well with everyday life in New Zealand. 

Questions related to Study Course

Rudraksh Group consultants mention that you must be absolutely fluent when asked about the details of what you are going to study. This is not difficult since that is the very reason you want to go the NZ. General themes include the duration of the course, subject details, credit point system, projects, internships, work experience you expect after completing the degree and more. 

Questions Related to Future Plans

This is yet another critical area where people make mistakes. You must NEVER say that you want to have PR because that is something in the future that you don’t have control over. Instead, you let the interviewer know that you are interested in gaining skills and knowledge in your field of expertise and would love to work and establish a career in that field. 

Rudraksh Immigration Mohali has shortlisted these categories and questions that are commonly asked in an interview. They also offer mock interview practice so that you gain confidence and have a great interview. To discuss this further, contact Rudraksh Group Mohali.

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