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9 New Applications of IoT Technology in the Education Sector

Emerging technologies like AI, AR, and IoT are revolutionizing education, making learning more interactive, accessible, and personalized for students worldwide.  In the last decade, technology has helped elevate the quality and environment of learning. Education is no longer limited to the classroom. Using emerging technologies in education sector like artificial intelligence, augmented reality and the Internet of Things, educators create unique educational experiences for their students. What is IoT? The Internet of Things is a wing of technology devoted to creating intelligent devices with sensors, processing ability, software, and other technologies enabling them to store and exchange data. Using IoT, you can use voice commands to switch the lights on...
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Syed Meraj Naqvi Spearheads Innovation at Riskbirbal – Empowering India’s MSMEs with Tech-Driven Insurance Solutions

Syed Meraj Naqvi discusses Riskbirbal’s tech-driven approach to reshape insurance, focusing on MSME empowerment and innovative, client-centric solutions. In a revealing conversation with Syed Meraj Naqvi, CEO and Principal Officer of Riskbirbal Insurance Brokers, we explore how the company is integrating advanced technology with traditional insurance and risk management practices. With over 15 years of experience in the insurance sector, Naqvi shares insights on empowering the MSME sector, his approach towards personalized insurance solutions, and Riskbirbal’s efforts to bridge the insurance gap with technological innovation. Under his leadership, Riskbirbal is addressing the challenges of the evolving insurance landscape and setting new standards for delivering insurance products with efficiency, transparency, and...
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Rajat Vashishta Unveils Resumod’s Impactful Journey – Revolutionizing Resume Building in India’s Job Market

Meet Rajat Vashishta, the visionary behind Resumod, reshaping India’s job-hunting landscape with innovative, accessible resume-building solutions tailored for the modern professional. In this exclusive interview, Rajat Vashishta, the brains behind Resumod, shares his insights and the motivations that led to the creation of this impactful resume-building app. With a rich background spanning over a decade in professional career services, Rajat Vashishta identified a critical need in the Indian job market – accessible and professional resume assistance. Resumod is his answer to this need, offering a practical and user-friendly solution for job seekers. From discussing the integration of AI in enhancing Resumod’s services to adapting strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic, Vashishta...
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Healthcare Payments in India: Changing Times

Cash, Insurance, UPI, Credit Cards, Bank Transfers, and even Gold; are just some of the ways in which India pays for healthcare. In an illuminating conversation with Chris George- Co-Founder & CEO QubeHealth, a Mumbai-headquartered healthcare payments company, we delve deeper into how India is changing the way it pays for healthcare and how Indian families are managing their family healthcare expenses after the pandemic. Q – Could you tell us what QubeHealth does and what problem it is trying to solve? A – Qube is solving the healthcare payments problem, ensuring there is money available at no-cost, and enabling a friction-free, low-cost payment experience at any hospital, clinic or...
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Quantum Leap to Success – Maharshi Dey’s Inspirational Journey from a Chilly Remote Town to a Senior Scientist in Los Alamos

(This article is a narration of Maharshi Dey’s life in his own words) Maharshi Dey’s journey from a student in India to a Senior Scientist in the US is a tale of resilience. Facing funding challenges, harsh climates, and visa uncertainties, he excelled in materials science research, leading to a successful R&D career at UbiQD, Inc. His story is an inspiring example of overcoming adversity. Research involves a lot of uncertainties. The path to obtaining a doctorate degree is where you get trained to be an expert for juggling with these uncertainties. Creating more of a challenge, setting forward with this path in a foreign country, adds more complexities to...
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