Sisai Park Village: A Sustainable Eco-Resort in the Heart of Chitwan, Nepal

Nestled in the stunning Chitwan National Park, Sisai Park Village offers a luxurious, sustainable tourism experience, blending deep nature connections with eco-conscious comforts, ideal for the adventurous and peace-seeking traveler.

Sisai park village

Sisai Park Village in Nepal stands out as a testament to how sustainable tourism amidst nature can be a unique experience that one can’t enjoy in crowded towns and metro cities. Situated in the beautiful Chitwan National Park, this eco-resort not only offers a deep connection between nature and soul but also an unbelievably luxurious retreat. It’s the ultimate destination for eco-conscious travellers seeking an immersive vacation. From adrenaline-pumping adventures to a peaceful, laidback time and peaceful time, this sustainable eco-resort suits every preference.

Peaceful Location

Situated in the heart of the gorgeous Chitwan National Park, this sustainable eco-resort is surrounded by lush woods, pristine waters, and incredible wildlife. Being located on the banks of the Rapti River, the resort offers stunning panoramic views. Guests get to experience the surreal landscapes and enjoy the sounds of exotic birds creating a previously tranquil atmosphere.

Sustainable Methods

A strong commitment to sustainability makes Sisai Park Village the best resort in Chitwan National Park. Interestingly, it is majorly built using eco-friendly materials and techniques to control and minimise its impact on the environment. You will find solar panels for clean energy and rainwater harvesting systems to manage water consumption. Every corner of the place has been designed concerning sustainability.


It would be fair to say that the guests are blown away by the accommodation at Sisai Park Village. Here, luxury holds hands with sustainability so the guests enjoy a comfortable stay while also being environmentally responsible. There are beautifully designed cottages made from locally sourced materials. Everything is so aesthetically pleasing and blending that it’s almost unreal. Each cottage comes with the necessary and modern amenities for a comfortable stay.


The sustainable eco-resort offers also offers many activities and unique experiences for guests to immerse in the magnificence of Chitwan National Park. There are well-guided jungle walks, elephant safaris, bird-watching tours, canoe rides and many other activities to explore the biodiversity. You can also participate in cultural activities and interact with local communities to learn about them.

Community Engagement

Another aspect that makes Sisai Park Village the best resort in Chitwan National Park is how they engage with and support the local communities. The resort has active participation in education, healthcare, and sustainable development of the local villages. They help with infrastructure improvements for a better learning environment, work closely with local healthcare providers to improve healthcare services and promote local businesses and artisans by sourcing goods and services from them.

Adventure and Leisure

Sisai Park Village is the best of both worlds- adventure and leisure. On one hand, there are thrilling jungle safaris where you can spot rhinos, tigers, elephants, rare birds and other exotic species in their natural habitat. On the other hand, they give you the ideal space to unwind and relax. Soak in the breathtaking views of the surroundings, enjoy the pool, rejuvenate in fresh air and let the staff pamper you with the best hospitality.


The dining experience here is no less than an extraordinary culinary journey. They literally celebrate local flavours and ingredients. Their restaurant’s menu is a lot inspired by traditional Nepali cuisine. Everything in the kitchen is organic and locally sourced. Enjoy your meals against a picturesque backdrop with views of the river and the forest, creating the perfect ambiance.


Sisai Park Village is a sustainable eco-resort that gives a fresh route to “holiday”. One can never know how sustainable tourism can also be as interesting as exploring fancy places until one sets their feet in this heaven of a place. Here, guests not only experience the serenity of Chitwan National Park but also be a part of its conservation and preservation. Book yourself a few days of divine escape at Chitwan National Park!

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