Nalanda Learning raises Rs. 40 crore from Aavishkaar Capital

Nalanda Learning

EdTech start-up Nalanda Learning Systems has raised Rs 40 crore from Aavishkaar Capital to expand operations in the country.

With the ‘Little Laureates’ brand, the company operates pre-schools in eastern India.

Using digital content, Nalanda Learning Systems plans to expand nationally with the support of Aavishkaar Capital, said Tamal Mukherjee, CEO of Nalanda Learning Systems.

COVID-19 has reshaped the education market. While it has accelerated the adoption of education technologies, the benefits have been limited to a small section of society, he said.

In addition to ensuring sustained learning and development outcomes for children, Mukherjee said Nalanda will also enable the pre-school industry to revive, upgrade, and provide comprehensive, contemporary and early learning programs for children.

Ajay Maniar, partner at Aavishkaar Capital, said, “We are extremely pleased to be continuing our partnership with Nalanda and its digital platform, which is currently expanding across India.”

“The Nalanda team has shown great dexterity in reimagining the pre-school business and has partnered with pre-school owners, teachers and parents to provide an impactful business proposition.” he said.

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