Holistic community development over one-time contribution – Sanjay Jain-led Jyoti Group’s mantra to change lives

CSR is more than an obligation for the group that is actively involved in social welfare under various banners, such as Jyoti Charitable Trust. With Mr. Sanjay Jain at the helm, the group has redefined the concept of CSR. 

Sanjay Jain Jyoti Group

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is generally taken as a one-time contribution by businesses to ensure adherence to the government guidelines. It has become one of the many aspects without which a business cannot function. Without exaggerating the term, it wouldn’t be wrong to call CSR a mere formality for most of the enterprises.

However, exceptions are always there. Jyoti Group, led by Sanjay Jain is one of the very few organizations that intend to lay the foundation for a holistic community development instead of making a one-time contribution. CSR is more than an obligation for the group that is actively involved in social welfare under various banners such as Jyoti Charitable Trust.

Founded in 1978, the Jyoti Charitable Trust provided various medical facilities to the underprivileged families in Najafgarh and other nearby villages in Delhi, with Late Sh. S.K. Jain at the helm. Since Sanjay Jain Jyoti Trading took over the reins, the trust also arranged free medical camps for the prevention of BCG, polio, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, measles, typhoid, etc.

In the last few years, it has upgraded the medical care extensively and today the dispensary has been converted into a mini hospital called Jyoti Memorial Jain Charitable Hospital. It is currently offering a number of medical facilities to those in need.

The well-equipped hospital has several leading medical experts and experienced healthcare professionals at its disposal. From physicians to gynecologists, dentists to dermatologists and eye specialists, the facility has got it covered.

The hospital has also taken several steps to ensure prevention of some of the dangerous health ailments in the society. 

Recently, it also organized various medical camps for eye checkup. At these camps, the underprivileged people were tested, diagnosed, and treated for free.

Moreover, Santosh Kumar Jain Foundation of Jyoti Group has been making yearly donations to prestigious organizations and trusts, including The Blind Relief Association, Peta India, Jain Mandir Tijara, ISKON, Mahila Mangal, PM Care Fund, etc.

Mr. Sanjay Jain has given special emphasis to save lives through access to quality healthcare. The visionary leader does not believe in restricting his vision to mere donations but going a step ahead to make the difference on the ground.

The idea behind this unheard approach taken by Sanjay Jain Jyoti group is to leave a lasting impact on the community. He has taken the corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an integral part of the business operations, instead of a formality.

Taking the progressive bull by its horns, Jyoti Group led by Sanjay Jain has certainly redefined the concept of CSR. Mr. Jain is upbeat about the future and hopes to change fortunes and transform many lives for the upliftment of communities and nation at large.

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