Best Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies in India

The world is acknowledging to make semiconductor manufacturing more diverse to disrupt the global supply chain and even the Indian government is encouraging start-ups, established companies to start manufacturing semiconductor chipsets through several schemes and subsidies. This article covers some of the prominent Semiconductor manufacturing companies in India that are even listed on NSE and BSE.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies in India

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Why Semi-conductor manufacturing is critical for India’s growth?

Manufacturing semiconductors is essential for India’s development since it has the capacity to propel the economy of the nation in a number of ways. A significant number of skilled employment in industries including research, design, production, and maintenance are anticipated to be created as a result of the expansion of the semiconductor sector. The rise of the semiconductor sector in India might result in the creation of new products and technologies as it is a major force behind technological innovation.

The expansion of domestic production might lessen India’s dependence on imports for a significant portion of its semiconductor requirements and boost its technical independence. Through increased exports and decreased imports, India’s growing semiconductor output may aid in lowering the nation’s trade imbalance. A significant part of the global economy, the semiconductor industry is predicted to grow in India and spur expansion in a number of industries, including information technology, telecommunications, and consumer electronics.

What is the market size for semi-conductor manufacturing in India?

The Indian semiconductor market was worth US$21.75 billion in 2021. By 2027, the market size is projected to increase 20% annually over a five-year period. The expansion of semiconductor manufacturing companies in India may aid in the reduction of the country’s trade imbalance by boosting exports and decreasing imports. In the upcoming years, it is anticipated that the semiconductor industry would expand more quickly due to the rising demand from end-user sectors, including those for computing applications in industrial equipment, automobiles, communication devices, office automation, and other products.

Semiconductor manufacturing companies are those that produce semiconductor components and devices. Semiconductors are electronic elements found in a variety of electronic devices, such as laptops, cell phones, and other gadgets. Typically, semiconductor manufacturing companies are involved in every stage of the production, from early study to development of semiconductor components through the design and manufacture of particular semiconductor devices.

Following are some of the major Semiconductor Manufacturing companies in India:


Wipro semiconductor company

Wipro is a major Indian information technology firm with a strong presence in the semiconductor sector is one of the leading Semiconductor Manufacturing companies in India. The semiconductor division of the company works on the creation and production of different electronic components, ranging from microprocessors to memory chips. Based in Bengaluru, Wipro has built up a large clientele over the years who rely on its knowledge in semiconductor manufacturing.

Semtronics MicroSystems

Semtronics micosystems semiconductor company

Semtronics Micro Systems is a Bengaluru-based fabless semiconductor company. It helps in designing and building integrated circuits for the power, automobile, and communication sectors. Semtronics manufactures products and services in the areas of switching regulators, analogue circuits, battery management and sequencers. Semtronics MicroSystems is able to garner prominence in the domain of mixed-signal engineering due to its incredibly bright and skilled workforce.

Broadcom Corporation

Broadcom corporation semiconductor company

Broadcom was founded in the United States in 1991 and is one of the biggest fabless semiconductor producers in the world. The company has a production base in Bengaluru, India. It produces equipment for all types of semiconductor services, including design, development and production of semiconductors, particularly for the broadband and telecommunications industries. The company was obtained by Avago Technologies in 2016 and is now a subsidiary of Broadcom Inc.

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Bharat Electronics

Bharat electronics semiconductor company

One of India’s first companies to manufacture semiconductors, Bharat Electronics Limited was established in 1954. It was founded in Bengaluru and initially developed germanium semiconductors and communication equipments. The company began producing semiconductors from 1962. Since its founding, Bharat Electronics has introduced a number of breakthroughs in semiconductor production and has risen to become one of India’s dominant semiconductor manufacturing companies.

Samsung Semiconductor

samsung semiconductors company

Samsung Semiconductor Inc. is a US-based manufacturer of semiconductors with a branch office in Bengaluru, India. It offers a variety of semiconductor services as a fabless semiconductor company. Through its R & D facility in India, Samsung not only creates goods and software for its own gadgets but also offers services to a range of customers. Samsung is one of the dominant semiconductor companies in India because of its top-notch semiconductor designs, which are utilized in numerous electronic gadgets including cell phones, computers, and many more.

Micron Technology

Micron technology semiconductor company

Micron Technology, an American semiconductor manufacturing company founded in 1978 has its Indian office in Bengaluru. The company focuses on creating and producing SoCs for a range of computer components, such as flash drives, RAM, storage and many more. It uses DRAM technology to manufacture high-density memory chips. A well-recognized semiconductor company Micron Technology has already partnered with tech giant Intel IM Flash Technologies and has its own tech value.

In addition to these major companies, there are other Semiconductor companies in India turning it into a manufacturing hub. One of India’s biggest corporations, the Tata Group, has made plans to start domestic semiconductor manufacturing in the upcoming years. They have established Tata Electronics, which will house a semiconductor assembly testing lab. Reliance Industries, owned by Mukesh Ambani, has made a move into the semiconductor industry and proposed to invest roughly Rs 30,000 crore over 10 years in the establishment of two plants for semiconductor fabrication and production.

In addition to this, the Adani Group has acknowledged the importance of semiconductors in nearly all areas of the economy and is securing capital along with strengthening technological networks to embark on semiconductor industry. Overall, the semiconductor industry in India is a rapidly growing and dynamic sector, with significant potential for further development and growth in the coming years.

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