Mobile Ventures with a Purpose: Puneet Anand’s Azimuth Business On Wheels

Discover the remarkable journey of Puneet Anand, founder of Azimuth Business On Wheels, as he unveils a world of innovative mobile business solutions. From food trucks, to retail, to pet grooming, delve into the story of how Azimuth is reshaping entrepreneurship, transcending boundaries, and driving change on a global scale.

The ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship encourages innovators to continually innovate in order to make the market more convenient and creative. Azimuth Business On Wheels, an Indian startup making waves in the manufacturing and fabrication of mobile business solutions, is one such trailblazer founded by Mr. Puneet Anand. We sat down with Puneet to talk about Azimuth’s journey and its global impact.

Q.1 Your brand name – Azimuth Business on Wheels is quite unique, pls tell us why you chose this name for your business?

Answer: This is a most commonly asked question, and I must say it’s a great conversation starter. Allow me to share the story behind my company name, “Azimuth Business on Wheels.” Having spent nearly 20 years as a master mariner on a merchant vessel, I was intimately familiar with the term “Azimuth,” which refers to direction in the marine industry. When embarking on any new business venture or endeavour, having a clear goal and direction is paramount. This concept resonated deeply with me and my team, leading us to choose the name “Azimuth Business on Wheels” for our company. When we first started in 2016, we admittedly had limited groundwork.

To differentiate ourselves and pique the curiosity of potential customers, we relied on our company name to make a lasting impression. Fast forward 7 years, and we have proudly served over 500 brands through Azimuth’s services. Headquartered in Noida, we have established manufacturing units in Tamil Nadu and Goa. Given the overwhelmingly positive response to our mobile business solutions, we are now expanding further. We are in the process of opening additional manufacturing units in Jabalpur and Kolkata to cater to the growing demand for Azimuth Business on Wheels.

Azimuth food trucks

Q.2 Could you share the moment or idea that sparked the creation of your company? We would love to learn the inspiration behind Azimuth Business on Wheels.

Answer: During my time overseas while working ashore, I was fascinated by the presence of clean and vibrant food trucks serving great food. Whenever our ship docked at a port, I made it a point to indulge in the offerings of these food trucks. This experience sparked my curiosity about the possibility of having similar food vehicles in India. With our diverse cuisines, it seemed like a missed opportunity that we lacked a hygienic street food industry. Back then, the only food vans we knew were the dull and rusty Chinese vans, which we referred to as “jugaad” vans/trucks.

When I decided to leave my career at sea, I took a surprising turn by starting my own food truck. I think I always had a hidden passion for food and the response to my first food truck was encouraging, leading me to expand to own six food trucks within a span of 10-12 months. However, the challenges I faced in getting my trucks manufactured opened my eyes to the lack of solutions in the mobile manufacturing industry in India. Issues with planning, design, clarity, and material quality made the process of building a food truck an uphill task. The idea of a food truck was relatively alien in the Indian food market a decade ago. The swanky, bright, and stunning dream trucks that you see in our workshops today were beyond anyone’s imagination back then. In 2016, we launched Azimuth, and since then, there has been no looking back.

My experience at sea has greatly contributed to my business journey. Towards the latter part of my seafaring career, I was involved in shipbuilding projects in Japan and China, where I gained valuable insights in steel, coatings and material management coupled with thorough knowledge of build inspections. Additionally, in 2015, we learned about the potential of “wheels” catering to industries beyond food and beverage. This realization led to the latter part of our name, Azimuth Business on Wheels. While food remains a significant part of our portfolio, I want to emphasize that we also cater to other industries such as manufacturing, retail, cosmetics, marketing experiential, and tourism. Moreover, we have identified a growing demand for mobile caravans and homes due to the evolving travel landscape and infrastructure development in our country. As a result, we are excited to further explore opportunities in the mobility industry and provide tailored solutions to our clients.

Q.3 Could you elaborate on the range of mobile solutions Azimuth provides? It’s not just limited to food trucks, is it?

Answer: We offer a wide range of customized vehicles, varying from small three-wheeler tricycles to large 40 ft trailers. Initially, our focus was primarily on serving clients in the Food and Beverage industry. However, we quickly realized that there is immense potential in India for an organized street vending concept and modern smart solutions that can transform the look of cities. We believe that every business can benefit from having a mobile wing. In addition to F&B, we have witnessed other manufacturing businesses recognizing the value of “Business on wheels” in expanding their brand reach, visibility, and increased flexibility, all while minimizing investment and overhead costs.

Our expertise lies in fabricating and building a variety of mobile solutions, including Food Trucks, Food Trailers, Food Carts, Mobile Kiosks, Mobile Containers, Retail Trucks, Marketing Vans, Business Equipment Testing Vehicles, Custom Display Trucks, Pet Grooming Vehicles, and much more. Whatever the need be, we have the expertise and capabilities and more importantly the willingness to create a tailored solution to suit the requirements.

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Q.4 It is intriguing to imagine a fleet of mobile enterprises on the streets. What do you think sets Azimuth apart from traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, and how does this concept fare in India and its dynamic market?

Answer: It gives us immense pleasure to see India’s upward trajectory in its economy. However, it’s important to recognize that this growth has a direct impact on real estate and associated lease and mortgage values. When considering capital expenses, mobile solutions or businesses on wheels prove to be more advantageous due to their temporary nature. Azimuth specializes in bringing mobility to business models, which ideally results in an organized revenue stream for the government at a lower cost to the operator.

Our company’s primary value lies in providing ease of operations, flexibility, and stunning solutions that undoubtedly capture attention. Mobility also gives operators the flexibility to target their audience effectively. We have observed a significant shift in the service sector, with more and more people opting for convenient doorstep services. In addition to last-mile solutions, we bring the business right to your doorstep. 

Whether it’s a grocery store on wheels near your home or a pet grooming van for your pets, this field offers ample opportunities for experimentation and innovative solutions to businesses seeking to connect with their consumers in a better, smoother, and more empathetic way.

Azimuth Qmin Food truck

Q.5 Adapting to trends is crucial indeed. Could you shed light on the technical aspects of your mobile units? How do you ensure they are functional, safe, and visually appealing at Azimuth Business on Wheels?

Answer: At our company, we follow a regimented step-by-step process for each order we receive. We begin by understanding our client’s concept and their target customer. Designing a professional food truck is of utmost importance for the success of your food business. With our team’s extensive experience working with operators, we brainstorm ideas, plan meticulously, and create 2D layouts for projects in-house. Our focus is on optimizing space inside the truck, arranging the kitchen layout for efficient workflow, and ensuring proper storage and equipment placement.

Safety is a top priority for us, and we adhere to a comprehensive safety checklist that meets the basic standards for vehicle safety. We only use high-quality commercial-grade equipment that conforms to safety regulations. Safety checks and tests are carried out at various steps of the build as we try and imbibe a strict safety policy on the products we deliver. Currently, we are in the process of developing automatic fire suppression systems to further enhance safety in our vehicles.

The visual appeal and branding of each vehicle are discussed and decided upon in collaboration with the client. We invest significant time and effort to ensure that every truck stands out from the competition. This includes designing attractive and eye-catching exteriors, creating unique yet clear signage, incorporating vibrant branding, and developing imaginative designs that align with a specific brand. The design of a truck is truly the essence of your food truck business, and it should resonate with your potential customers.

I firmly believe that Azimuth is a company that pioneers innovative products, setting trends rather than simply adapting to existing ones. We take pride in our ability to create one-of-a-kind solutions that push boundaries and elevate the industry standards.

Q.6 Its clear you’ve thought through every detail. Now, considering the global market, what challenges and opportunities do you see for expanding Azimuth and its presence beyond India?

Answer: I am proud to share that Azimuth is actively expanding its reach and has taken the initial steps towards establishing an international presence. Over the past two years, we have successfully delivered unique mobile trailers and trucks for numerous projects with overseas conglomerates.

In order to further expand our global footprint, it is crucial for India to foster favourable policies for businesses such as ours that encourage collaboration and partnerships on the international stage. This includes streamlining administrative procedures and aligning regulations with global standards.

One of the key challenges we face in this industry is the lack of clear-cut policies regarding the operation of food trucks in India. The potential for businesses on wheels is immense, and the demand for mobile solutions has only grown stronger post Covid-19.

We hope for the development of conducive norms related to vehicles, licensing, and related regulations that will facilitate global growth. It is through these enhanced regulations that we can envision opening Azimuth’s first international unit overseas in the near future.

Q.7 Finally, Puneet, as a takeaway for aspiring entrepreneurs, could you share a key lesson you’ve learned on this journey of pioneering a new concept in business?

Answer: It is essential for all budding entrepreneurs to recognize that any new concept, if it addresses an existing problem, can ultimately succeed with persistence, patience, and perseverance. In my experience, every new idea, innovation, or business venture comes with its own set of challenges and setbacks. There are no shortcuts to success in life. Therefore, I believe that the key to sustainable growth lies in maintaining focus and commitment to your vision, while also remaining adaptable and open to learning and evolving at every step.

Thankfully, we are fortunate to be in a dynamic country that embraces innovation and provides abundant opportunities for novel business ideas. It is crucial to establish a strong foundation, educate your consumers, and build trust. Remember, it is never too late to embark on a fresh start.

Azimuth food truck making


This story highlights Puneet Anand’s journey with Azimuth Business On Wheels, which transcends conventional boundaries in terms of innovation. Puneet’s insights illustrate entrepreneurship’s transformative power, from envisioning versatile mobile units to navigating global markets. As we conclude this conversation, it is evident that Azimuth’s mobile solutions are not only changing business practices, but they are also symbolizing modern business’ spirit of adaptability and innovation.

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