Anti-Theft Security Solutions For Cars In India

Car theft, unfortunately, has been a bothering occurrence that has prevailed in our society for a long time now, giving rise to anti-theft security solutions for cars from the manufacturers.

anti-theft security solutions for cars

Car theft, unfortunately, has been a bothering occurrence that has prevailed in our society for a long time now. Even worse, it has been on a rise lately. Largely, the big cities dwellers have fallen prey to such misfortunes but now-a-days, this has spread to the small cities as well. It is about time that we raise awareness about this issue to propel the car manufacturers to equip their products with anti-theft features. However, until that happens, we can explore modern devices that can combat this problem on our own. Many people might not be aware of the fact that, there are numerous devices available in the market that can prevent your car from getting stolen. This article shall talk about all these possibilities which can be adopted by the individuals as well as the carmakers to raise the level of security for the cars on our roads. Generally, a car is the second most expensive thing one owns after the house and it makes sense to tend to the safety of it as well.

  • Dashboard Camera

With Go Pro cameras becoming ever so popular for vlogging and filming your personal experiences, it can easily double up as your security camera as well. It is very easy to install and handle on the dashboard. In fact, a ton of people already have these to record their travelling expeditions. In case of a stolen car incident, it can prove to be a vital evidence to catch the culprits. Also, even before attempting to steal the car, they might see the camera and not bother to do anything unlawful at all. Secondly, the advantages of installing a Go Pro or any such camera are many. The road accidents in our country are also alarmingly high. Many a times, there are cases of hit-and-run. In such cases, it is easy to recognize the guilty party and brought them in to face the consequences. Therefore, the dashboard cameras could serve as a multi beneficial device to tackle such issues and promote road safety in more ways than one.

  • Wheel Clamps

A simple and easy to use device for everyday purposes are the wheel clamps. One doesn’t need to be technically sound (as in case of handling the footage of a dashboard camera) to work with them. One can just park his/her car and lock the wheels of the car in matter of minutes. This will lock up the wheels, immobilizing the vehicle completely. Also, it is not easy to damage these clamps. Additionally, it is not an expensive technology to own. One can easily afford and use this simple hardware piece to get a peaceful sleep. Also, any car can use these clamps irrespective of size and age of the vehicle.

  • Digital Engine Immobilizer

This is a typical feature of a modern-day car. We are all aware of the brilliant and useful features of cars with Connected Car Tech which are internet enabled. The cars generally have an embedded SIM card through which they are connected to the internet. The owner is able to check the status of various parameters of the car remotely on the app on his/her smartphone. If any illegal activity is noticed, the owner will receive a notification, alerting him/her about what has happened with his car. Also, the SOS signal can be sent out immediately to notify the authorities to catch the foul party. One can turn off the car with the help of the smartphone app. This is a great way to ensure safety of modern cars and something that the modern cars will have built in them inherently. The more popular this becomes, the technology will trickle down to even the entry-level products.

  • Anti-theft Alarm and Steering Clamp

The traditionally tried and tested method of the anti-theft alarm should also not be underestimated. Many car owners intentionally disable this feature because it might unnecessarily get triggered disturbing them and the neighbours. But it must be understood that anti-theft alarms are there for a reason and just because it goes off sometimes (for instance, by a street dog in contact with the car) shouldn’t mean that you should turn it off altogether. Secondly, the clamps that we talked about earlier, can also be used to lock the steering wheel. One must always get in the habit of locking the steering wheel anyway but also physically clamping down the steering wheel is not a bad idea. It isn’t too complicated to time consuming either. The efficiency and affordability of such devices are a great value for money proposition.

These are some of the common and easily implementable ways to ensure, or at least raise the security of your vehicles. The prominent factors with these techniques are affordability and easy availability of these devices without going out of your way. We would like to raise awareness regarding this menace and hope that these procedures prevent such mishaps for a whole bunch of people. After all, your car’s security is in your hands.

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