Krishna Mavila becomes torchbearer of stock market investment with his new book

Stock market investment is easier than beginners might think. Investor, trader and Author Krishna Mavila has effectively showcased this methodology in his newly launched book “Cracking the secrets of stock market investing”.

Stock market investment

Investing money is a means to a happier living. Set aside a little amount while you are busy with life and let that money work for you in order to reap benefits for the future. It has always been the key aspect of investing. Keeping this in mind, when stocks come into place, investments have alleviated people to sustain through bad times, emerge out as a winner and evolve with the eminent prospects of growth.

Investing in stocks is easier than beginners might think. Investor, trader and Author Krishna Mavila has effectively showcased this methodology in his newly launched book “Cracking the secrets of stock market investing”. Published under the label of Clever Fox Publishing, the book dives deep into the seas of stock market, bringing out facets important for investors to manifest a strong foothold in the domain.

An IHM Mumbai graduate, author Krishna Mavila was always intrigued by the characteristics involved in the money business, let it be the exchange of traditional capital or in the form of stocks raging in the market. Having started investing from a very early age, he over the years realized that there are a thousand features that stay hidden in the shell that stock market investing is. In order to guide individuals regarding the same, before they enter the world of investing, he wrote the book “Cracking the secrets of Stock Market Investing” to be a torchbearer on their journey.

Having worked with some of the magnanimous companies of the world, the author always knew that his destiny lied someplace else. He came back to where he belonged and started venturing extensively into stock markets. He faced a lot of turmoil and roadblocks initially on his journey but never gave up before he attained what he truly desired.

Crediting his relentless efforts, he became an NISM Certified Research Analyst. He founded a community of successful traders and investors mentored by him. An amazing mentor he is has helped hundreds of people to attain financial freedom. It is his passion to handhold people who like to step in to the world of Stock markets, even provide free one-to-one consultation to traders, can access from his website

Talking about his motivation to compile a book that needs such an in-depth analysis of the field, Krishna says, “My father, the man behind my success, imbibed the value of money in all us siblings ever since the start. He made us venture into entrepreneurship from our teenage days. This further introduced me to the world of stock market investment. Treading on this path for a while, I understood the precision it required to ace the market, and it therefore made me realize that if an individual already has an insight in this world, he could perform better. As the retail traders participation has increased magnanimously, there are a lot of things to be aware of, we cannot expect the market to trend in single direction always, the new entrants have to be extremely cautious of the markets. Hence, this drove me to write a book that contains some valuable nuggets I have come across on my journey, and each one of them has proven worthy to be known.”

The founder of Acetrader Hub, Krishna Mavila envisages lending a hand to more than 1,00,000 individuals for attaining financial freedom. He believes that his book and the research behind it is going to prove worthy of reading and simultaneously rewire your subconscious mind to modulate your thinking in effective and successful ways.

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