Tinkerfeed.com: An ebook platform that lets you read books free of cost


Writing is not just a mere art; it’s a concoction of words that leads to the creation of some powerful yet beautiful stories, poems, or a play. But, most of the writers that exist around the world do not get a credible platform to showcase their talent since everything seems paid in the world of digitization. There are many websites where e-books are available at a large number but the viewership is low because of the fact that one needs to take a subscription for reading. Thus, it creates a wide gap between a writer and a reader. Bridging this gap, Tinkerfeed.com has emerged as an ebook platform that gives access to readers to read books free of cost.

This ebook platform is not restricted to just one language but has books in all languages for varied readers. It covers all the books from different segments of writing like novels, fiction stories, poetry, self-help books, life-guiding books, coaching books, and many more. As people are keenly interested in reading ebooks, thus in India, the number of readers is expected to amount to 105.0m users by 2026.

Due to digitization, readers are now more comfortable reading books on gadgets instead of buying. According to reports, it was seen that the global E-Book Reader Market was estimated USD 38.17 Billion by 2026 from USD 30.69 Billion in 2020, While, the global E-Book Reader Market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.7% from 2021 to 2026. Such platforms are one of the regions that are being invested in and sooner or later this will boost the market value of e-book readers. Catering to the same, Tinkerfeed.com currently has around 5000 free ebooks while the platform will have more 2000-3000 free ebooks in the near future.  

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Talking about the industry, Tinkerfeed.com founder says, “Looking at this growing industry and need of such platforms where people could educate themselves without giving any cost, we incepted Tinkerfeed.com. Our vision was to avail books to people at free of cost whether the person is a student or a professional, they won’t need to spend money to gain knowledge. Books help us to grow and learn and with the same vision we started it so that people of each section of society could get enough knowledge at free of cost.”

At present, the platform is open for selected users but soon anyone could sign up easily start reading the books for free. It’s an amazing platform for readers and writers who want to spread their word among the masses through their books. If you are also a book lover and are finding it difficult to get books online? Then, Tinkerfeed.com is without a doubt a great platform for all the amazing collections of ebooks.

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