Drawing Inspiration From The Founder Of Super77, Amit Pandey, aka “Human Charger”

Colloquially known as the Human Charger, Amit Pandey has established Super77 with the ambitious vision of transforming human lives.

Amit Pandey Super77

Seeking inspiration is not a challenging path to tread if you get yourself acquainted with the founder of Super77, Amit Pandey. Colloquially known as the Human Charger, Amit Pandey has established Super77 with the ambitious vision of transforming human lives. With an innate passion for giving back to the society, Super77 came into existence in 2020 with transformational programs to instill Leadership Skills, Happiness, Thought Clarity, Failure Management, Confidence, Public Speaking, etc into young students, as well as seasoned working professionals. Let us witness the inspiring tale of the founder of Super77, Amit Pandey in depth through his exclusive interaction with Indian Business Times.  

Inception of “Human Charger”

Heading the HR and Admin departments at Tikona Digital Networks Pvt. Ltd. from 2009 to 2016, Amit Pandey was constantly being asked to deliver seminars and motivational speeches at prestigious educational institutions in the country. Speaking from so much experience in prominent industries, he used to spark motivation in a lot of young people. Being so charged up by one of his passionate speeches, one girl expressed how impressive and transformative his speech was and coined the name “Human Charger” for him. The simple reason being, wherever he went to deliver such speeches, the audience would be engulfed in a blanket of positive charge. Since then, “Human Charger” is what a vast majority of people address him as.

On receiving such positive feedback from the students at every venue, he conceptualised a platform that would be full of positivity and inspiration, while at the same time, put him in a position to give back to the society, which has been an underlying theme throughout his career. Hence, Super77 was conceived with the aim of elevating the human mindset and giving back to the community in some form. Amit achieves that goal by directing the revenue generated from his organisation to the development of underprivileged kids. For instance, Super77 has sponsored the mentorship of students of Chaitanya Kuteer Children Home, Bengaluru (how video).


Super77 got its name from the very first batch of 77 students at the organisation, all of whom rated the experience and program very highly as life changing experience for all of them. As a testament to those users of the programs, Amit Pandey decided to name his organisation Super77. It would also interest some of our readers to know that Amit Pandey holds Anand Kumar, the famous educator who runs Super30, in high regard and is deeply inspired by his work. The name has also drawn inspiration from that.

The platform offers certified leadership programs for anyone and everyone constituting modules on the topics of leadership skills, life skills, social skills, happiness skills, management skills, soft skills, etc. These skills are of immense value to anyone who acquires a leadership position at any organisation. The idea is to prepare the younger generation for optimal functioning in the corporate world. While there are well-established and iconic institutes in the country to sharpen domain-specific or technical skills in a student, the other aspects of complete personality transformation are often overlooked. Also, there is a scarce connection between what is taught in educational institutes and real-world scenarios.

This is where the consolidated programs offered by Super77 establish a distinction from the competitors in the field. The panel of Super77 boasts of 9 top-level leadership personalities at various companies around the globe with a combined experience of more than 300 years. This includes the likes of Pankaj Mehta, Chairman at Pankaj Mehta Transformation Accelerator, Ketan Bhagat, Author & Script Writer, Praveen Sinha, Co-founder & ex-MD at Jabong, Sridhar Krish, Chief Operating Officer at Tikona, just to name a few. All of these esteemed gentlemen have invested huge time and their valuable expertise in these programs giving an unparalleled insight into the working of some big corporates. As a result, the platform proudly caters to over 9,000 users from 35 countries who are benefitting through these professional programs immensely. Amit Pandey announces with great enthusiasm that people from the age of around 10 years to veterans over 70 years old have benefitted via these unique programs of Super77.

The Basic Leadership Development Program offers 8 modules by 4 world-class mentors and the Advanced Leadership Development Program consists of 15 modules prepared by 9 aforementioned personalities. Depending on the inclination and need, students or corporate personnel could choose between either of the two. Amit points out that these modules are for lifetime, as one could get back to them during any stage of his/her professional career because of the quality of content on offer.

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Benefits and Working of Super77

The founder of Super77, Amit Pandey has a reputation for hiring young interns for the organisation. His energetic & passionate team has recruited around 10,000 new interns in the last 7 months, most of which are management students in their first year studying at various institutes across the country. During his interview with Indian Business Times, he mentions that there are quite a few users from the prestigious IITs and IIMs experiencing the impact of his powerful and practical programs as well.

The schedule of the Basic and Advanced Leadership Development Programs allows the students to secure promotions starting from interns, moving to Team Leaders where they are taught the qualities of being a team leader and how to propel other interns to reach that position too. Having successfully completed the tasks as a Team Leader, the intern is then promoted to the designation of a Business Manager. Completing the responsibilities associated with being an efficient Business Manager, the position of Business Leader awaits. This structure of hierarchy mimics the original levels of any modern corporate. These are representative positions in a company ranging from executive to CEO levels.

The programs prepare the young interns to have mental stability, emotional prowess and a positive mindset for when they take up the real positions at real companies managing a staff of multiple people. The organisation aids students to have a chance to land jobs at big companies by issuing Letter of Recommendation for distinct performance during the programs. Super77 has reached 9,000 users today only through organic referrals which is unheard of in this age of digital marketing. That, in itself, speaks volumes about the quality of the content the programs offer. Amit believes that the expertise and practicality behind these programs curated by some of the highly regarded business personalities is something that any working professional could refer to even after being in the industry for decades. There is relevant information that will be useful to the user at any stage of his/her career.

Tips by Amit Pandey for young entrepreneurs

During the course of the interview with Indian Business Times, Amit Pandey revealed quite a few timeless mantras that could be precious to the ambitious pupils. After all, who better to seek tips from than the man who does this for a living. To digest these gems easily, let us take them in the form of quick bullet points.

  • Stop managing your time, start managing your energy. Contrary to what most people think, it is not the time that needs management. If your energies are in a positive space and vibrating, all the tasks that you undertake will bring out the best in you and won’t tire you. Amit reveals that he doesn’t feel tired even though his schedule is packed between being a working professional, running his own business, visiting universities for public speaking, business coaching, playing cricket, singing, partying, etc simultaneously.
  • If you can’t convert your hobby into profession, then convert your profession into hobby. Okay, this one is a bit tricky. Although it is a great thing if you end up doing what you love as a profession, not everyone is lucky enough to make a decent living by doing only the things one loves. Hence, you must strive to love what you do and get better at it. Then the work won’t feel like a burden to you.
  • Don’t worry about the future, just prepare for the future. You must not be always thinking about what will happen in the future, because no one can predict that. Instead, you could work on yourself, invest your time today in activities that will come in handy in future. In essence, you must keep updating yourself with new skill sets to ensure that your foundation is strong to tackle any challenge in times to come.
  • Don’t do multitasking, do multiple tasking. Another concept that the world is obsessed with, in today’s era is multi-tasking. However, it might lead to an inefficient performance in each of these tasks. What Amit suggests instead, is that with the right amount of skills and focus, your mind is capable of completing tasks efficiently and that allows you to swiftly move on to the next task. Hence, you are able to accomplish multiple tasks without compromising on quality.
  • From “what will I lose if I don’t do this” to “what will I gain if I do this”. Amit clarifies this statement by stressing on the upbringing of children. In school, they are always worried about what might happen if they miss a class, or miss the exams, or have less attendance, etc. Resultantly, they do these things out of fear, which breeds a negative thought process. He offers the alternative, a positive thought process. In the aforementioned example, if the students start thinking, what will I gain if I go to the class, the entire narrative changes. In this way, one can easily shift stress into passion in whatever one does.

This exclusive interview of the founder of Super77, Amit Pandey with Indian Business Times has the potential to open myriad opportunities for aspiring youth. Amit highlights that this group of population is the most energetic and has the most potential. If a positive mentality and mindset are cultivated in them at an early age, they are bound to be assets for the society and the nation. That is the aim of these innovative programs offered by Super77 under the able guidance and mentorship of the “Human Charger”. If you end up feeling charged up after reading this, you will understand that why people call him as THE “Human Charger”.

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