How Qaddoo aims to resolve the problem of India’s unorganised retail sector

Anurag Gupta, co-founder of Qaddoo, states, “ What we are up against here is the misconception  that small retailers who lack the necessary  resources  cannot be a part of the digital world.”


While India positions itself as a key economy in the world,  the contribution of the small neighbourhood  retailers serving millions of customers in close proximity to residential areas is often overlooked . These retailers don’t just drive consumption, but owing to the nature of their business have a better understanding of the customers’ choices through personal interactions at their store. 

This, however, is set to change with the trend moving towards ordering commodities and essentials over the internet. The small retailer not just loses out on the personal interactions that he used to have, but also on the sales.

“Looking at the market size of a small retailer, we understand that they can only cover an area which is in close proximity to their store. But  when people from the vicinity do not buy, it’s not just a problem, it threatens their existence,” says Sumit Kapoor, co-founder of Qaddoo. He adds, “Using the Qaddoo App, which is a hyperlocal e-commerce application – we aim to not just reach out to this unorganised sector, but also empower them by enabling them to go digital, broadening their reach and hence expanding their business .” 

Traditionally, the unorganised retail market has been the most popular mode for purchasing products, and has astonishingly served India’s population of more than 1.3 billion people. However, a large number of these retailers have decided against switching to the digital platforms, fearing it is complex, costly, while overshadowing their identity. The problem, however, is solved by Qaddoo, which is offering newer ways to interact with the existing user base and attract new potential customers. 

Anurag Gupta, co-founder of Qaddoo, states, “ What we are up against here is the misconception  that small retailers who lack the necessary  resources  cannot be a part of the digital world.” He adds that we are well aware about the challenges, therefore, by running a hyperlocal e-commerce app, we aim to  upgrade the unorganised retail market in India. This comprises not just the kirana store, general stores or the corner stores, but also hawkers moving around with their vegetables or fruits, home chefs and the roadside florists. 

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If not for Qaddoo, these small stores would need to invest in a world of requirements for the sake of expanding their presence and eventually business. Arguably, the risk  is also very high, and in the absence  of knowledge training and desired funds, these retailers are never able to fully avail  the opportunities  available at their behest.

“On the other hand, using the Qaddoo App is very simple. For any retailer, vendor, hawker, home chef, painter, and roadside florist, opening their store is absolutely free of cost. After downloading the application, all it takes is a couple of clicks to open up the digital store. The time taken to register, setup and start selling on the application takes not more than two minutes. ” inform co-founders Anurag Gupta and Sumit Kapoor.

The co-founders added, “Once opened, all they have to do is add photos and set the prices for each product they sell. However, it isn’t a necessity to add pictures to enable buying and selling over the platform. Moreover, any transaction made through the app is free from all sorts of commissions.”

Qaddoo also allows the retailers to maintain khata of their customers, saving them the cumbersome task of maintaining thousands of registers at their store physically. 

The disproportionate size of the retail market in India is troubling, but Qaddoo is offering every small retailer an equal chance to compete with even the biggest of the retailers in the market. Qaddoo provides a way for retailers to maintain and preserve their existing relationship while giving them ways to reach a wider range of customers and enhance sales. 

Qaddoo is working hard to provide a level playing field for  the unorganised retail sector of India. From promoting free and fair markets, offering a free digital platform, charging no commission on transactions, to adding top-notch functionalities in the app, and protecting employees working at these small retail outlets, the company is making the segment better equipped and prepared for uncertain times ahead. The culture, essence and soul of India lives in these neighborhoods and the stores that enrich their human experience, saving these businesses is essential to preserving the rich traditions of India. 

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