Rajat Vashishta Unveils Resumod’s Impactful Journey – Revolutionizing Resume Building in India’s Job Market

Meet Rajat Vashishta, the visionary behind Resumod, reshaping India’s job-hunting landscape with innovative, accessible resume-building solutions tailored for the modern professional.

Rajat Vashishta Resumod Founder

In this exclusive interview, Rajat Vashishta, the brains behind Resumod, shares his insights and the motivations that led to the creation of this impactful resume-building app. With a rich background spanning over a decade in professional career services, Rajat Vashishta identified a critical need in the Indian job market – accessible and professional resume assistance. Resumod is his answer to this need, offering a practical and user-friendly solution for job seekers. From discussing the integration of AI in enhancing Resumod’s services to adapting strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic, Vashishta gives us a glimpse into the workings of a platform that’s redefining job search and preparation in India. His approach extends beyond mere resume building, encompassing a broader vision of empowering professionals across the country, especially those with limited access to resources.

Q. What inspired you to create Resumod, and how does it reflect your vision for addressing the unique challenges in the Indian job market?

Ans: I’ve been deeply involved in the professional career services industry for over 12 years, gaining valuable insights into the challenges faced by both jobseekers and recruiters. In my extensive experience, I identified a significant gap in the market – a large segment of individuals sought professionally crafted resumes but were deterred by the high costs associated with premium services. Recognizing the impact of outdated resumes on their job search, I envisioned Resumod as a solution to bridge this gap.

Resumod is an intuitive and cost-effective resume building app that empowers jobseekers to create high-quality resumes that align with professional standards. By leveraging my expertise in the industry, I curated easy-to-use formats within the app that ensure users present themselves effectively in the competitive job market.

Furthermore, Resumod is not just about addressing current challenges but is an ongoing endeavor to support young jobseekers in making informed career decisions. We are actively working on additional features to guide individuals on their career paths, providing them with valuable insights on what to pursue and how to navigate the complexities of the job market.

In essence, Resumod is a manifestation of my commitment to democratizing access to professional resume services, making it affordable for everyone, and empowering individuals at every stage of their career journey.

Q. Can you elaborate on how AI is integrated into Resumod’s services, particularly in interview preparation, resume parsing, and job matching?

Let me give you an idea of how we leverage AI at Resumod.

Interview Preparation:

Resumod utilizes AI to tailor interview preparation to individual user profiles, ensuring a targeted and effective approach to building confidence and readiness for interviews. Through AI we also generate probably answers that users can take tips from when they face interviews.

Resume Parsing:

To parse resumes, Resumod utilizes advanced AI algorithms to analyze and extract crucial information from resumes. The parsing technology employed by Resumod is among the most sophisticated globally, allowing the system to read diverse resume formats and structures. This not only expedites the resume processing time for recruiters but also ensures accuracy in capturing key details such as skills, experience, and qualifications. The result is a streamlined and efficient screening process, significantly reducing the manual effort required.

Job Matching:

Resumod’s AI-driven job matching capabilities redefine how candidates connect with opportunities. Our system intelligently matches resumes with specific job descriptions by analyzing the intricacies of both. This ensures that jobseekers receive recommendations tailored to their skills and aspirations, enhancing the likelihood of a successful job application. The AI algorithms continually learn and adapt, providing increasingly accurate matches over time and helping users discover opportunities that align with their career objectives.

Q. Resumod successfully relaunched during the Covid-19 pandemic. How did you adapt your business strategy to navigate these challenges and continue growing the platform?

Like all businesses we had to make changes.

We moved to a remote work setup where our developers and content creators started contributing online. This led to a lot of restructuring in terms of who did what, who reported to whom and who was accountable for which aspect of the product. While initially this proved time intensive, later on it streamlined our entire process.

We adopted an agile approach to product development. This allowed us to quickly implement updates and new features based on user feedback and emerging industry trends. The ability to adapt swiftly ensured that Resumod remained at the forefront of innovation in the career sector.

We pivoted our product to a new improved UI and UX, catering to lesser attention spans and more intuitiveness in the product usage.

Given the restrictions on physical events and networking opportunities, we intensified our efforts in digital marketing and online outreach. This involved leveraging social media, content marketing, and partnerships to maintain a strong and visible presence within the virtual ecosystem.

We recognized the financial constraints faced by jobseekers and adjusted our pricing to make Resumod even more accessible.

During the covid period, we launched an extra channel for Customer Support where users could take our help in building their resume on Resumod.

Q. Resumod aims to level the playing field for job seekers across diverse backgrounds. How does the platform specifically address the needs of professionals from smaller towns or with less access to resources?

We are a Made in India product and we understand the challenges jobseekers face here every day. We are doing our bit to make sure candidates anywhere in India can access Resumod.

We develop and test our builder on all devices and resolutions so that even a small town job seeker using an outdated device can easily access Resumod

We ensure Resumod can work on slow internet connections and users don’t lose access to important information if the connection gets lost

Resumod can be easily accessed on mobile phone and our mobile usage is optimised for all screen sizes and resolutions

Recognizing that internet connectivity may be a challenge in some areas, Resumod offers offline support through downloadable resources. Users can access essential career development tools, such as resume templates and interview guides, offline

When we work on Job Matching and Job Recommendations, we keep in mind to consider that professionals from smaller towns receive job recommendations that align with their local opportunities.

Understanding the financial constraints faced by many individuals, especially those from smaller towns, Resumod provides cost-effective solutions. We have kept Resumod’s basic usage FREE for everyone. Even the premium features could be accessed at just Rs. 29 until 2022. Today the same is available at Rs. 49.

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Q. Your strategic collaborations with internship platforms have been a key feature of Resumod. How do these partnerships enhance the overall value and utility of the platform for your users?

We collaborated with Internshala, Hello Intern back in 2019 when Resumod’s version 1.0 was launched and that really added value. Our user base was small and young professionals benefitted immensely from the internship recommendations that would appear on their feed on Resumod itself. These partnerships ended in 2021 but we continue to expand our collaborative game. We are friends with a lot of tech businesses and HR Tech companies through which we add value by providing users with career recommendations, AI suggestions, content improvements, and even jobs.

Q. With a substantial user base and daily registrations, what impact do you believe Resumod has had on the Indian professional landscape, especially for early and mid-stage job seekers?

Too early to comment on something like this. We are very nascent right now, impacting not more than 1000 new users every day. In a month more than 100,000 resumes are created and downloaded on our platform. This just shows that users are in need of this and our innovations are working. Secondly, even today there is a huge gap between businesses wanting to hire talent and the talent pool itself. If we can do our 2% in bridging this, I would be happy.

Q. As Resumod continues to grow, what are your future aspirations for the platform? Are there plans for further expansion, new features, or additional services?

Absolutely! Resumod continues to innovate every day. We are coming up with very exciting features in the times to come, including video resumes, live interviews, etc. We also wish to partner with Recruitment businesses to not just offer our solutions but also give our talent pool access to the right jobs.

Q. With your extensive experience in mentoring job seekers and conducting workshops, how does this expertise inform the development of Resumod’s features and services, and what advice do you often find yourself giving to young professionals?

Through workshops I get a first hand experience of what jobseekers want and where they get stuck. This is the real inspiration behind all the improvisations I do at Resumod. Recent example is Personal Website creation. Someone in our workshops brought the idea of a digital vcard up and we launched this feature on Resumod. You can create your mini-website in 5 clicks, get a URL and share it with anyone you know.

I tell young professionals to stay focused and not lose hope if they don’t find a job. The best thing they can do is sharpen their skillset. Jobs will eventually come to them.

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