Who is the Millionaire wife of Rishi Sunak?

Akshata Murthy

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Who is Akshata Murthy?

Akshata Murthy (Akshata Narayan Murthy) is an Indian tycoon, businesswoman, fashion designer, and a venture capitalist based in the United Kingdom. She is the wife of “Rishi Sunak,” the British Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader. She is known as the daughter of billionaire N.R. Narayana Murthy, co-founder of the IT firm Infosys. His father is one of India’s top businessmen.”

In addition to being her father, he is also known as “the father of the Indian IT sector” due to his significant contribution to outsourcing. Her mother, “Sudha Murty,” is an Indian engineering teacher, author, and a social worker. She is the president of the Infosys Foundation and is best known for her social work and active contribution to Kannada and English literature, as well as having written a number of novels.

Akshata Murthy’s Background and Education

Rishi Sunak’s wife Akshata Murthy grew up in Jayanagar, a Bangalore suburb. Murthy attended Baldwin Girls’ High School in Bangalore before attending Claremont McKenna College in California to study economics and French; she also has a diploma in clothing manufacturing from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University.

After finishing high school, Akshata moved to America to pursue a degree in economics and French at Claremont McKenna College in California. Before meeting Rishi, she was studying for her MBA at Stanford. Akshata stated in an interview, “Class does not mean having a lot of money.” There are numerous incorrect ways to make money in this world. You may be wealthy enough to afford luxuries and comforts, but money does not define or provide access to class. Mother Teresa was a respected lady. Manjul Bhargava, a great Indian mathematician, is the same. The idea that acquiring money automatically confers class is an old – fashioned thought process.

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Rishi Sunak: First person of Indian origin to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Rishi Sunak was educated privately at Winchester College before attending the University of Oxford, where he studied Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, as did previous Conservative Prime Ministers David Cameron and Liz Truss. His father was a doctor and his mother a pharmacist, and he prefers to point to his humble beginnings as the start of his economic literacy as helping organise his family chemist’s payroll. Sunak’s Indian family reportedly immigrated to the United Kingdom in the 1960s. Before entering politics, he worked as an analyst at Goldman Sachs and at a hedge fund. Despite his city experience, his wife, Akshata Murthy is the source of the vast majority of his family’s wealth.

Sunak is the son-in-law of NR Narayana Murthy, the founder of the Indian outsourcing giant Infosys Ltd. Forbes values Murthy at $4.5 billion, and he previously stated that he is confident that he will do his best for the people of the United Kingdom.”

The Journey: From college romance to Britain’s Most Powerful Couple

Akshata and Rishi met at Stanford Graduate School of Business in the MBA class of 2006. Sunak, who grew up in Southampton and graduated from Oxford’s Lincoln College, went as a Fulbright scholar. Akshata, who grew up in Bengaluru, went to Claremont McKenna College in California to study economics and French (class of 2002).

Murthy’s parents had given their blessing to her choice of husband, Sunak, who was the son of an immigrant doctor. Murthy wrote in a letter that Sunak was “everything you had described him to be — brilliant, handsome, and, above all, honest. Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murthy have become the wealthiest people to occupy Number 10 Downing Street at a time when the country is in the grip of a recession and the government is considering painful spending cuts. Sunak was ranked 222 on The Sunday Times UK Rich List in May, with a reported net worth of 730 million pounds ($837 million). According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Sunak’s family wealth puts him ahead of the previous richest Prime Minister, Edward Stanley. His personal fortune of over 7 million pounds in the nineteenth century was estimated to be worth around 450 million pounds today. 

The Founder of Akshata Designs

Rishi Sunak’s wife Akshata Murthy founded her own fashion label, Akshata Designs, in 2007 after studying at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. The company’s goal was to celebrate Indian culture by identifying and championing artists in remote villages and working with them to create something new based on their design ideas.

Akshata, the founder of Akshata Designs, was featured in Vogue India magazine for her exceptional talent and contributions. Her main fashion efforts revolve around fusing Indian traditional fashion with western fashion. According to her Vogue Magazine profile, she works with a variety of artists in remote villages to create one-of-a-kind designs. In addition to running Akshata Designs, she is now the director of Tendris, a Dutch cleantech incubator fund. Her stake in Infosys, her father’s company, is worth $700 million.

Akshata Murthy, who left a career in finance and marketing to pursue indigenous Indian craft and fashion design, has created clothing that is more than just fashionable; it also serves as a vehicle for learning about Indian culture. Murthy seeks out artists in outlying villages and works with them to develop her own designs. Traditional Ikats, Chanderi and Mysore silk, tweed, and wool are featured in her Fall/Winter 2011 collection.

According to a 2011 Vogue profile, Murty collaborates with artists in remote villages to create Indian-meets-Western fusion clothing that serves as “vehicles to discover Indian culture.”

“She said that she believes we live in a materialistic society,” People’s awareness of their surroundings is increasing. Doing well is stylish.

Akshata Murthy’s Net Worth

Her father, N.R. Narayana Murthy, is known as the “Bill Gates of India” because he and his wife Sudha built the multibillion-dollar software company Infosys. Akshata Murthy Infosys Founder’s daughter is wealthier than the Queen, with an estimated net worth of £500 million due to her 0.91 percent ownership of the corporation. In 2021, Infosys became the fourth Indian company to reach a market capitalization of $100 billion. Akshata Murthy’s father’s net worth is currently estimated to be $3.7 billion. Murthy owns 3.89 crore shares in the company, which are said to be worth $721 million (roughly Rs 5,956 crore). According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, she is currently worth $1.2 billion.

Murthy also served on the board of directors of Digme, a London-based fitness company that declared bankruptcy in February. Murthy, who is still a director, had a 4.4 percent stake as of February.

She has a stake in at least six other companies, including Wendy’s restaurants in India, Jamie Oliver’s Pizzeria, and men’s clothing retailer New & Lingwood. The majority of her wealth is attributed to her contentious ownership of Infosys.

Akshata: India’s tie to the United Kingdom

Even though she earns large dividends all over the world, her non-domicile status in the UK does not require her to pay taxes. During Sunak’s previous bid, this became a source of contention, prompting her to declare that she will pay taxes willingly despite not being required to do so by law.

“I do this because I want to, not because the rules require it,” Akshata said in a tweet “My decision will not change the fact that India remains the country of my birth, citizenship, parents’ home, and place of domicile,” she added, flexing her Indian identity. But I adore the United Kingdom as well.”

During that time, Sunak avoided the controversy by saying, “So, I’ve always been a completely normal UK taxpayer; my wife is from another country, so she’s treated differently, but she explained that in the spring, and she resolved that issue. “There is a remark about the wealth of my wife’s family. So, let me just address that directly because I believe it is worthwhile because I am extremely proud of what my in-laws built.”

Whatever the controversies, Akshata is India’s tie to the United Kingdom, a country now ruled by an Indian-origin person whose grandfather was from Pakistan and immigrated to Kenya.

Some lesser known facts about Akshata Murthy | Net Worth | Education | Brands

Akshata Murthy’s Net WorthINR 30 thousand 200 crores above
FatherN.R. Narayana Murthy (Founder of Infosys)
MotherSudha Murthy
Akshata Murthy’s Husband Rishi Sunak – Britain Prime Minister
Akshata Murthy’s age43 (as of 2023)
Birth Year1980
College EducationGraduation from Claremont McKenna College in California, MBA from Stanford University
Brands FoundedAkshata Designs
Shareholding0.91% in Infosys
Other shareholdingWendy’s restaurants in India, Jamie Oliver’s Pizzeria, New & Lingwood Men’s clothing

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