Finndit : How Is This New Search Engine Changing The Business Proposition For MSMEs?

Finndit is a local search engine that aims to bring small and medium scale businesses online, launch their mini websites and increase their visibility on the internet to help them reach millions of customers and scale their businesses.

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Even with the rapid digital innovations with each passing day, it is not often that one comes across a new search engine. Finndit is the fastest growing search engine in India . Efficient search engines are supposed to give you the accurate information that you are looking for within a minimum duration. In addition to that, it really helps if it could summarise what the company/business does, which you have searched for. The amalgamation of all these factors lies in the core of Finndit. Let us discuss how Finndit is able to achieve all this in-depth.

What does Finndit Do?

Finndit already has over 2.5 lakh of business listings on its platform. It is operational worldwide and is the fastest-growing search engine in the country. The services it offers will have you covered on all fronts. The inception of these services happens as soon as you type in your query. Finndit fetches you the most relevant search results with lightning-fast speed. You can directly visit the mini website of all the companies that are listed on the platform. You can get exposure to various businesses and compare the services or products of various companies to figure out the best product for you. When you have all the options in front of you, it becomes easier to filter through these options depending on your preference.

In addition to being the fastest search engine, if you wish to enhance the online presence of your company, promote your products, give out digital flyers, brochures, video shoots, or anything else related to online marketing and promotion, Finndit is your one-stop shop for all of it. To ensure the smooth functioning of the company to help businesses grow, Finndit already has an experienced staff of 120+ employees.

They are working around the clock just to ensure that your business or start up is positioned at the right place where it could get exposed to as many eyeballs as possible. In a country like India, where more and more number of people are getting access to high speed internet, a business search engine could become a game changer for a whole lot of businesses and startups. With a comprehensive outreach of your company, all your business expansion ambitions could be fulfilled.


Salient Features of Finndit

The unique selling proposition of Finndit as a search platform is its modern and easy to use interface. This enhances the overall experience of the user. Finndit offers a mini-website on its platform which highlights the core products and services of your company so that the potential customer gets the idea of what you offer. There are verified business listings on the platform as well which give the buyers peace of mind. They find the company reliable and are more likely to initiate a purchase after also reviewing thousands of customer reviews.

Therefore, Finndit not only enhances your web presence but also ensures a better experience for the users which maximizes the chances of him/her making a purchase through your company.

Benefits for MSMEs

In today’s world, if you are not present online, your chances of establishing a successful business reduce drastically. This is particularly true for companies selling products which are needed to be seen by potential customers. Resultantly, a new business has to put aside a large chunk of its investment for marketing activities. Digital marketing and promotion could be extremely expensive. Most MSMEs and startups don’t have that amount of capital to be used for digital marketing.

The big business search engines in India have helped many new companies to expand exponentially after being listed on such search engines. This starts with something as basic as a decent website. When you are associated with Finndit, the experts help you build your own mini-website which will leave a positive impression on the visitors. Hence, platforms like Finndit are ideal for such companies who can get exposure to online marketing and promotion at an affordable expense.

If you are a nascent entrepreneur who has set up a business recently, or even if you are experienced but want to go the digital route, Finndit could be the ideal platform for you. Your presence on a business search engine among the other relevant business listings will leave a professional impression of the new customers that visit your website. Pandemic has already highlighted the relevance of going digital. This applies to sales, services as well as promotional activities.

More and more people spend their time in front of a computer, mobile screens and it makes sense to be present there to grasp the opportunity to fetch some new customers for your business. Make sure to be present on this modern platform otherwise you stand to miss out on a ton of activities that might be detrimental to your company’s success in the long run.

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