Top Reasons Why Packaging for Marketing is Important

Are you familiar with the importance of packaging for marketing? Check out these key reasons why packaging plays an integral role in modern-day marketing and how it can help you reach more customers.

Packaging for marketing

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Role of Packaging in marketing a brand

Packaging is an important part of brand marketing since it acts as the initial point of contact between a product and a potential buyer. It has the ability to garner interest, provide crucial information and leave a long-term impression. A product’s packaging may also aid in setting it apart from competitors and enhance its attractiveness and uniqueness. As a result, there is a greater chance that the goods will reach the consumer in good shape by safeguarding and maintaining the product. Overall, packaging may be extremely important to a brand or business by promoting brand recognition, boosting sales and cultivating consumer loyalty.

Types of product packaging

Choosing the best packaging for marketing our products can be challenging given the wide range of packaging and box options on the market today. Let’s look at some of the types of packaging one may employ to improve the quality of product and customer experience.

  • Plastic is employed in a broad range of things, from spacecraft to paper clips. Plastic has already supplanted a variety of conventional materials, including wood, leather, glass, ceramic, and so on. Plastic box packaging provides numerous advantages over paperboard boxes, including the ability to be recycled.
  • Paperboard is a lightweight yet sturdy paper-based material. It is readily cut and workable, allowing for the creation of unique structures and shapes. These qualities make it perfect for use in customized packaging. It is created by pulping fibrous materials, such as scrap paper or wood, then bleaching the resulting pulp. There are many grades of paperboard packaging, each appropriate for specific packaging needs.
  • Corrugated Boxes often referred to as ‘cardboard’ are used to make huge shipping, footwear and storage boxes. There are several varieties of corrugated boards that may be used to create packaging with various qualities, capabilities and tensile strengths. To create corrugated packaging, the board is sliced and folded into various sizes and shapes. Corrugated board packaging is also used for retail packaging, pizza delivery boxes, tiny consumer products containers among other things.
  • Poly Bag commonly referred to as a pouch or a plastic bag is made of thin, stretchable plastic film fabric. It is one of the most popular forms of packaging and may hold a variety of goods, including periodicals, garbage, flowers, food, and other objects. Poly bags are flexible, reusable, and strong yet light in weight. Poly bags may be completely customized in terms of shape, style, and size while yet being produced at a low cost due to its basic structural design.
  • Rigid Box is constructed from highly compressed paperboard that is four times thicker than the paperboard. Rigid boxes rank among the expensive box types when compared to paperboard and corrugated boxes. These boxes are frequently employed in the marketing of high-end luxury clothing, jewelry, technology and cosmetics.
  • BOPP (biaxial oriented polypropylene) is a long-lasting polymer that is often used to package bird seed, pet food and animal nutrition items. Due to its durability and capacity to support weight without readily breaking, it is also the packaging of preferred for minerals and grains. Weaving and organic materials are used to laminate the BOPP package. The usage of high-quality materials in its manufacture is responsible for its durability.

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Companies that provide great packaging solutions in India

The packaging industry sector has established itself as one of the most rapidly expanding industries worldwide. In India, the packaging industry ranks as the 5th largest economic sector and one of the fastest-growing industries in the nation. There are several major Indian companies that offer great packaging for marketing solutions. Following are few of the major ones-


Uflex packaging company india

Uflex, one of the largest multinational flexible packaging and solutions companies in India, provides a variety of packaging solutions, including lamination, metallization, and coating services. Their superior packaging has made them the go-to provider of packaging solutions for global brands. Uflex has built a sterling name over the past three decades by outlining the boundaries of the packaging sector and providing top-notch packaging solutions that maintain the freshness and increase the shelf life of food items and other packaged goods.


Zedpack packaging company india

It offers non-woven bags and non-woven shopping bags to a variety of sectors and is known for its quality, variety and originality. The company offers the most precise, distinct packaging options possible to help the product stand out. In addition to focusing on the quality of the product, they also pay close attention to all other crucial characteristics of bags, like as durability, design and detail, which improve the way the bags appear and feel. With more than 20 years of experience in the pitch, they continuously evaluate their services and customer feedback in order to develop and improve.

Bankey Bihari Packaging:

Bankey Bihari packaging company india

Since 1995, Bankey Bihari Packaging has worked to uphold the highest standards in packaging and has grown to become a preeminent leader in the production of flexible packaging materials and BOPP Laminated PP Woven bags. Their products are well-known for their numerous uses in the packaging of rice, grains, and pulses, as well as foods and spices, animal feeds, fertilizers and chemicals, powders, tea and coffee, flour, sugar, soil, etc. They provide a variety of products, including BOPP Extrusion Laminated WPP Bags, Two Layer and Three Layer Laminated Pouch and Rolls, Craft Paper Laminated Woven Bags, Seal of Quality, Shopping Bags and various kinds of pouches. They have over 25 years of significant expertise, which has helped them build a solid reputation in the packaging industry.

Knack Packaging:

Knack packaging company india

It is a leading manufacturer and exporter of PP/HDPE Woven Sacks and BOPP Laminated PP Woven Bags. With its modest beginnings; Knack Packaging is currently a magnificent name that is known all over the world. The company is committed to creating high-quality goods that exemplify the true art of packaging. To produce BOPP laminated PP woven bags in accordance with the requirements and laws established by the industry, they only utilize the best quality materials. Their bags are renowned for their smooth finish, robust design, superior quality and light weight.

Swiss Pac:

Swiss Pac packaging company india

It is established in 1992 and is one of the leading producers and exporters of a wide range of packaging bags, pouches and zippers of the highest calibre. Stock Products, Custom Products and Pouches make up the assortment of items they provide. Swiss Pac adheres to the established industry standards and offers goods that are admired by the customers for qualities like extended service life, high strength, a variety of sizes, and resistance to shrink by using contemporary machinery and techniques for manufacture. It satisfies the requirements of several sectors, including those for pet food, bakery packaging, frozen foods, dairy goods, medicinal items, confectionery packaging, and packaging for coffee and tea. The company has established modern infrastructure that aim to fulfill the varying needs of the clients.

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