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The global coronavirus pandemic has proven to be a disruptive moment for the Indian education industry. Amidst the prolonged lockdown period and strict restrictions on human movement, Edtech platforms helped the education system to go beyond the classrooms and reach people’s homes. In fact, Edtech startups emerged as a viable means to fight the growing learning gap in the country.

What is Mennta Online ?

Mennta Online Edtech startup, started with the similar aim of becoming a convenient substitute for classroom education and now they are planning to expand their services into the realm of banking and other competitive exams. 

Edtech carries the potential of bridging the educational gap leveraging advanced technological infrastructure and well-trained staff. In an era when customer behavior is changing in every sector, Edtech startups can cater to the growing need for a convenient and customizable learning experience in the educational sector. Looking at this business potential, Pawan Mishra, an engineering graduate, and entrepreneur, laid the foundation for his Mennta Online Edtech startup.

Journey of Mennta : An online learning platform

The company started its journey to provide quality school education to the students of Classes 3 to 12 at a reasonable price. The Edtech platform offers courses in major subjects such as Mathematics, General Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Social Science, and language as per the CBSE, ICSE, and state board curriculums. The expert educators, at Mennta, deliver interactive lecture sessions and conduct regular tests to maximize the learning outcomes of their students.

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After building a strong reputation in the market with academic courses, Mennta is now planning to launch its Edtech services in the vertical of Banking, SSC, and other competitive exams. Students require rigorous dedication and practice to crack these Indian competitive job exams. However, many times, they face difficulties in preparing for these exams due to the lack of proper guidance.

Mennta, online learning platform is looking forward to guiding such students in preparation for banking and other competitive exams with their advanced study material, mock tests, and quizzes free of cost. The Edtech firm’s aim is to provide every job aspirant with top-notch education without any kind of discrimination. They have also developed a forum for the aspirants where they will be able to engage in discussion and knowledge sharing with other aspirants.   

Talking about their new range of Edtech services, Mennta Founder Pawan Mishra shares, “Given the growing competition in the job sector, aspirants require proper guidance to crack the competitive exams and bag a desirable job. So, we are introducing our bank exam and competitive exam section to help the students in their preparation journey. They can avail of these services free of cost with no geographical barriers. In fact, it will not only boost their preparation but will bring an air of convenience to their preparation.”

In the post-pandemic world, e-learning adaptation has become the need of the hour for the Indian education sector. As more and more students and job aspirants are looking for affordable online learning platforms, Mennta has emerged as the right choice for them.    

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