Riya Sachdeva answers – Why the world needs female entrepreneurs?   

In this golden age of globalisation, digitalization, and start-up booms, India is witnessing a revolution in terms of women entrepreneurs. Today’s women entrepreneurs are not only from established business families or the higher-income sections of the population, they come from all walks of life and all parts of the country. They are breaking into fields that have traditionally been dominated by men, such as the alcohol industry, sports media, and construction. One such woman is Riya Sachdeva, the daughter of Neeraj Sachdeva and the Director of Lakeforest Wines. She furthers the need of female entrepreneurship in India, and talks about its importance.  

Riya Sachdeva

“Women face numerous challenges in carrying out economic activities or undertaking entrepreneurial tasks in India. As entrepreneurs, they face socioeconomic and other challenges because they are considered the weaker sex. In the alcohol industry, women have a long history of working in wine, spirits, and beer, but it is only recently that their vast contributions and the challenges they face have become a prominent part of the beverage alcohol industry’s dialogue. Because of the drastic changes in the modern world, there has been an increasing trend in the number of women-owned enterprises in recent India. “It is our pleasure that women make up a sizable proportion of the workforce in today’s business world, and I am proud to be a part of it,” says Riya Sachdeva of Lakeforest Wines.

Women entrepreneurs have a special ability to form and maintain long-term relationships. They are more effective communicators, organisers, and networkers than their male counterparts. Furthermore, their fiscally conservative approach reduces the risk of their organisations failing. Women entrepreneurs contribute to a country’s economic growth and stability. They motivate other women to start their businesses which leads to more job opportunities for women and helps to close the gender gap in the workforce. When women achieve success in a field, the next generation of women is more likely to follow in their footsteps.

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With a larger support network, more women are breaking into various industry and rising to positions of leadership. The share of lead female winemakers has increased from 10% in 2011 to 14% in 2022. “I’ve seen more women in the alcohol industry over the last 10 to 15 years, not just as winemakers but also in executive leadership roles,” says Riya Sachdeva.

Women have made inroads into every sector, including male dominant industries, but much more work remains to be done to achieve equality, safety, and support within the industry. Making these goals a reality will necessitate the participation of all stakeholders, regardless of gender. Riya Sachdeva remarks, “Fortunately, there is genuine momentum propelling the alcohol industry forward, as well as a workforce full of energised women ready to face these challenges.”

Lastly, women who are highly educated, technically sound, and professionally qualified should be encouraged to run their businesses rather than work for someone else. Untapped talents in young women can be identified, trained, and exploited for a variety of sectors, increasing productivity in both the industrial sector and the nation. Even after overcoming numerous obstacles, Indian women are now becoming educated and economically independent.

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