Traya Health Founders on a Mission to become Largest Hair fall solutions brand in India

Traya Health Founders Altaf Saiyed & Saloni Anand started this venture with an aim to provide a comprehensive treatment plan encompassing the three disciplines of ayurveda, allopathy and nutrition.

Traya Health Founders

Hair loss is a major issue that many Indians experience in the present time. Traya, a natural hair loss treatment company, discovered that about 0.15 billion Indians in their twenties deal with baldness, hair loss and grey hair. According to their report, hereditary hair loss occurs in 9 out of 10 Indians at some point during their lifespan as a result of underlying medical issues. Other factors can range from climate conditions to lifestyle habits.

A scientific remedy to a perplexing issue that so many people encounter led to the development of Traya Health. Traya is a start-up venture that was founded by the duo Altaf Saiyed and Saloni Anand with an aim to provide a comprehensive treatment plan encompassing the three disciplines of ayurveda, allopathy and nutrition. Traya Health was created in 2019 based on the personal experience of the founders.

“Altaf was experiencing male pattern baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia, which was being sped up by an unbalanced thyroid, strain, and an unhealthy lifestyle. As we continued to find solutions to our major problem, we came to the realization that the existing hair fall therapy industry is flawed and no commercialized shampoo or serum genuinely works. We realized that the problem is in the internal roots and understood that hair loss requires proper diagnosis and medical therapy. We identified the largest market need in this industry, combined dermatologist-recommended products with nutritional science and ayurveda, and started producing ground-breaking results,” highlights Co-Founder Saloni Anand.

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Finding the underlying reasons of hair loss is crucial, as is taking action as soon as feasible. The Traya hair test helps in understanding one’s stage of hair loss and suggests proper lifestyle adjustments rather than trying various products like shampoos and serums with no results. Traya’s focus is on treating hair fall at the source rather than on selling products. Since Traya Health Founders mention that Traya addresses the underlying causes of hair loss which ultimately reflects the quality of the hair, it takes around 6 months of therapy to observe the apparent benefits. Only the best hand-picked herbs are utilized in formulations that are meticulously customized to the demands of clients. They are upfront and open about their entire treatment procedures.

Saloni Anand while talking about the treatment process at Traya Health says, “A team of professionals at Traya, including an ayurvedic doctor, a dermatologist, and a nutritionist, create tailored plans for each client. These specialists promise visible improvements for Stages 1-4 of hair loss within 5-6 months of completing the whole treatment regimen. Additionally, we give our clients access to a hair consultant who keeps them on pace as they progress with their restoration journey.”

Consumers and several businesses in India have recently hopped on the trend of natural treatments. Traya Health does not have any direct competitor, but there are other players in the market such as Mama Earth, Biotique, Thriveco, Re’equil, SebaMed to name a few that concentrate on a single treatment for hair loss by hopping on the bandwagon to provide people with anti-hair fall remedies. Every brand seeks to join the anti-hair fall craze by selling products like onion hair masks, rice water shampoos, serums, minoxidil solutions, and other allopathic medicines. But instead of meeting the necessities, they often overlook the reality that this is not a sustainable solution.

“Many of our clients share stories of how they were duped into believing misleading claims of hair restoration provided by cosmetic companies. In actuality, the bulk of hair fall prevention solutions on the market fall short of these promises. Most of them just function at the follicle layer and fail to deal with the root core issues or have not been scientifically examined and verified at all,” Anand shares.

Traya Health won the title for ‘Most Effective Haircare Products of the Year’ for its extensive variety of Hair-care solutions at the Healthcare Excellence Awards 2022, sponsored by India’s premier branding agency, Brands Impact. With a total of ₹205 million in investments, Traya Health is a sustainable hair care solution company that combines the best of three sciences, and prepares their therapy with the promise of delivering guaranteed outcomes. The founders are planning to reach many more milestones in the coming times.

“Earning such accolades, combined with the outcomes we see via our clients, justifies our efforts. Through educating people, Traya Health has helped individuals grasp the value of knowing that temporary treatments like shampoos, oils and other cosmetics won’t provide immediate effects. Our unique value distinguishes our therapy as the finest and we plan to continue doing so,” they add.

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