Chandigarh based Tech Firm YTRhub Launches Top 100 Story Teller Hackathon

YTRhub provides the platform necessary for content creators from various fields to present their work and talent to a wide audience.

Content creation has evolved over the last few years as an established and professional domain to make a successful career in. This ranges from informative, educational, entertainment and learning to lifestyle, personality development and beyond. The scope is practically infinite. YTRhub is one such organisation headquartered in Chandigarh that provides a stable platform for new content creators.

What is YTRhub?

YTRhub provides the platform necessary for content creators from various fields to present their work and talent to a wide audience. This includes motivational writing, motivational videos, inspiring stories on successful individuals, podcasts discussing burning issues, open mics, art, poetry, online courses, entertaining content, learning videos and more. YTRhub presents an opportunity for content creators to try out their skills, get feedback from a live audience and decide whether or not it is their cup of tea.

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Who is the founder of YTRhub?

Rahul Gupta is the founder of YTRhub and an experienced professional in the IT field. After completing his MCA from MDU University in Gurugram in 2014, he worked in the corporate sector in an MNC for 3 years. Eager to put his knowledge and experience behind his own digital entrepreneurship venture, he founded YTRhub. Realising the value and relevance of online courses and the need for a platform to inspire budding content creators, he also Organized this “TOP 100 Story Telling Hackathon” where he shares life stories of inspirational and successful personalities. On top of that, YTRhub provides a platform for people to develop and sell their courses online.

Why YTRhub Launched “Top 100 Story Teller Hackathon”?

The prime motivation behind launching the “Top 100 Story Teller Hackathon” is to encourage people to take charge of their communication and presentation skills via story-telling. Stories grip the attention of the people like nothing else. Once you attain the attention of people, they will trust you to interact and transact with your business. Therefore, the aim of this Hackathon is to offer the power to business owners and entrepreneurs to persuade people to conduct business with them. Famous Quotation to stay inspired from: Presentation Tells & Stories Sell.

How To Become A Great Story Teller?

The secret to becoming a great storyteller lies in honesty and genuine expression of your personal experience. People resonate only with those who speak from their hearts. That is the only way for them to trust you completely. You must draw inspiration and stories from your own life experiences. That will display the side of you that people would want to know more about to become a good Story Teller.

What are the Benefits of Top 100 Story Telling Hackathon?

Some amazing benefits of this Hackathon include an e-Certificate and free access to the “Story Telling Mastery” Program for all participants, Live interview and social media promotion and news media featuring of all the STAR PERFORMERS, feature stories of all participants on the website and more. So, what are you waiting for?

Please participate in this Top 100 Story Telling Hackathon of Season 2.

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