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There might be times when you fumble while speaking fluent English and feel discomfit. And sometimes there will be times when you know how to speak but lack the confidence in coming up and telling out loud. But now all your worries have a solution, as Kenme, an online English platform will help you speak English along with boosting your inner confidence. They make sure that you are ready enough to take part in any conversation being perfect in speaking English.

This English learning platform was incepted by a few graduate students in December 2020 with an aim to make the English language easier. They also wanted to make it available for all the students across the globe with no age defined. Currently, they are assisting people from different realms of life- from a school student to a retired adult.

At Kenme, they welcome learners from all kinds of domains and provide a comfortable and cordial abode to make learning fully relaxed and serene. Taking advantage of technology, they run their classes through WhatsApp offering complete privacy and accessibility for everyone. Through online WhatsApp learning, they focus on making learning English a hassle-free and gratifying process.

Kenme believes in providing the best learning experience for the students who find it difficult to take out time from their daily learning schedule but still have passion for it. As they offer lessons through WhatsApp, students can make learning English a part of their daily routine, without having to spend any specific time for it.

Their students are categorized by three levels; Level 1- Entry, where they teach basics of English like grammar lessons that help students to get rid of the errors. While, the Level 2- Secondary, here the students are exposed to a detailed understanding of English grammar and decrease the number of mistakes a learner makes while constructing sentences and talking. Lastly, Level 3- Advanced, is specially customized for a learner who has good knowledge of the language but lacks the confidence and platform to practice their language.  

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Sharing insights about the industry, founders says, “The English language is something which has become an important tool in successful career building. We all know English is the language of international communication. So in this fast-moving world if you have a proper command of English then it would help you improve your quality of life by providing better job opportunities around the globe. Importance of English is never going to diminish over time.”

They further added, “There is no age limit of learning anything, students of different age categories can learn and enhance their English language skills. Looking back into our childhood days we realized it wasn’t easier for us to learn the English language in a better and more effective manner. We had to go through a lot of difficulties back then to understand the English language. So we wanted to make it easier for the upcoming generations and everybody else who wants to comprehend and learn English. As you have the convenience to learn from your comfort, we make sure that Kenme will make your learning a pleasing affair, where knowledge comes to your mobile screens.”

How do we work at Kenme ?

At Kenme, is each student is assigned a personal tutor who helps students to learn lessons better and to ask all kinds of doubts and complications one faces in their language. Along with a personal tutor, the students will also have a personal calling activity tutor with whom they can practice their language through calls. An experienced team of Engineers, bankers, and business administrators helps them to create strong teamwork amid different sectors of the institution.

Their tutors are very committed to offering privacy and total attention to each student. They envision is creating an accessible learning platform for every commoner who dreams of speaking English fluently. In the future, they want to establish a residential campus for students who seek to expand their skill-sets and facilitate a practical learning environment.

Through Kenme, it is their first step towards revolutionizing the learning space of Kerala into something it has never experienced before. And, also to empower women by providing better work opportunities, they have already done their part by allotting 90% of their vacancies to female candidates. With such novel thoughts, it is for sure that this online English platform is gonna create a revolution in the industry not just by providing education but also by contributing to society.

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