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The more you interact with your surroundings, the more you will have things to draw creative insights from and interpret them in your way. Every creative brain has its Universe; that devises its way of perceiving and leveraging the power of creative intelligence. The primary purpose of every creative artist is to expand the library of people’s thoughts. 

Harshada Pathare affirms that every book or poem may not have the shine of a viral buzz, but it has a heart. Neophytes need to believe that their creative work may not get as much attention as established artists but it doesn’t make their outcome less valid. The creative journey isn’t paved with rainbows but requires design thinking skills and a strategy backed up with digital skills.

They don’t need to move from one coast to another to get recognized as no other place is better than your experienced land. Every artist should focus on growing from the deep roots and then branching out to the skies. You only need to deep-dive to connect with your place to make an eternal mark. Beneath the skin of design, painting, a word there is the softest undertone inviting the world – to be a more beautiful place to thrive.

Harshada Pathare

Throughout history, it has always been a challenge for artists is to communicate thoughts that are not expressed verbally in a fear-rooted society. Creative work is always appealing; because it is nested at the intersection of life and art that extends a sense of belonging to every viewer. A part of the joy of this creative exercise is exploration; you’ll discover groups of people doing immense things that are below the radar or dwelling on apparent different creative landscapes.

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The creative community should collaborate and create a sustainable impact on ever-increasing formats and surfaces. Every creative individual has the power to discover more possibilities on how to create more powerful and magical art with enhanced precision and immersive feeling. Creatives should connect with the crowds from other domains to understand how to roll out more innovative capabilities and make an intriguing outfit for the creative future.

In the melding of past, present, and future, artists should sense the perfect timings to open up new stories that can be a moving reflection of how to confront fear and uncertainty. There is a general fear in the minds of neophytes that their stories; may tumble and fall if suspended in the open air. But are rockets made to be safely parked in the spaceport? As we know, sometimes they get lost in the floating orbit or hit a hard surface that splutters them into a thousand pieces in the open space, but this is what they are to be. 

Moving forward, artists should learn to make their canvas more expansive, create more panoramic views, and boldly unveil the terra incognita of your soul.

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