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Adore by Priyanka

India has a legacy of jewellery making that is considered as a status of royalty. With many brands coming into the limelight, ‘Adore By Priyanka’ is an emerging name with a majority of its products made from natural stones like pearl and rough stones. Offering exquisite designs, the online boutique is growing gradually in the digital space with its effortless accessories. One cannot deny that jewellery is every woman’s best friend, therefore ‘Adore By Priyanka’ focuses on designing lustrous jewellery pieces that are a perfect blend of timelessness and modern touch.

Founded by Sudhir Kumar and Priyanka Krishnan, the duo is weaving magic by creating unique designs made with superior quality. Having more than 500 distinctive designs in its catalogue, the jewellery brand is radically building its presence on a pan-India level. While India is home to some of the royal gold jewellery accessories, there was a lack of natural stone products available in the market. To bridge the gap, Adore By Priyanka was established which has now become the first and largest natural stone boutique in the country.

More so, the quintessential jewellery pieces add a pinch of glamour in upscaling the fashion statement with their classic and original designs. Not to forget, the love and trust that the brand has got are purely by offering great satisfaction to the customers. “Nothing is more comforting than knowing the love from customers. Our products are designed as per the needs and requirements of customers. We are glad to bring a change in the fashion industry with our elegant jewellery designs”, revealed Priyanka.

One of the primary reasons behind the brand’s success is its growing popularity in the e-commerce space. As of today, ‘Adore By Priyanka’ has connected to a larger audience by offering a premium experience to its customers through the digital medium. Besides this, ‘Adore By Priyanka’ is a reflection of India’s diversity. The brand has beautifully been showcasing the rich heritage of the country through its jewellery pieces like rings, earrings, necklaces, chokers, bracelets, combo designs and its signature accessories.

As the brand continues to bring newer designs every month, it aims to expand its presence across the digital space. Elaborating about it, Sudhir Kumar stated that the brand is planning to venture into other sectors by the end of 2023. Consistently giving extraordinary experiences, ‘Adore By Priyanka’ is touted to generate a revenue of more than Rs 25 crore by the end of 2025.

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