Jyoti Raykwar- A true example of beauty with brains that proves to be ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’   

Jyoti Raykwar, who has a strong interest in jockeying, has demonstrated that if you have fortitude and the desire to succeed, anything is possible.

Jyoti Raykwar

What conclusion does your mind draw when the phrase “jack of all trades” is uttered? It probably evokes unfavourable associations. a rogue trader who will offer anything for sale to anyone. Someone who uses their knowledge of a wide range of topics to their advantage. The lack of specialized knowledge and abilities turns out to be in favor of trying anything. There are very few people who possess several talents, and the majority of us mortals must learn new skills because we cannot simply subsist on the abilities we were given at birth. Jyoti Raykwar is one such personality who has multiple skills and has won the hearts of people through her work.

A prodigy who became well-known for her range of abilities at a very young age. Owing to the same, since 2013 she has been practicing Professional theater in Delhi. Many people have become the talk of the town in the age of the multitalented. People find it tough to focus on even one task at a time, but for people like RJ Jyoti Raykwar, anything is possible. Jyoti has established himself as a writer in addition to working as a radio host. She is currently hosting four radio shows due to the talent she possesses. Every Sunday from 5 to 6, Udan Chhu and from 6 to 7, Humara Adda. She also runs a daily show known as Bindas Sur Chowpatty,” which airs live every day from 5 to 6 o’clock in the evening And, lastly daily from 1 to 3 pm she hosts listeners choice.

Jyoti, who has a strong interest in jockeying, has demonstrated that if you have fortitude and the desire to succeed, anything is possible. Both of her shows are warmly received by the public; Jyoti hopes to deliver some soothing music during the show for viewers while also communicating with them on “Udan Chhu.” She guarantees that the show ‘Bindas Sur Chowpatty” has a fantastic selection of tunes for each listener. Songs are the best method to make people’s lives happier, and that is the goal of both of Jyoti’s presentations

Sharing her experience in the acting domain, Jyoti Raykwar stated, ” In 2013, Mr. Govind Namdev, a film artist, hosted a session at the National School of Drama when I first became interested in theatre. I made my acting debut in Namdev Dada’s drama “Madhukar Shah Bundela.” Following that, I performed plays like Gudiya Rani, Panchali Ki Shapath, Andher Nagari Chaupat Raja, Bhagam Bhag, Lakha Banjara, 10 Din ka Anshan, Sugandha Ashtami, etc. in a continuous stream. In Delhi, I also performed professionally in plays such as Safar, Walking to Paradise, Chamatkari Baba, and I Am Just A Woman.”

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Talking further in the conversation, she went on to add, “I have appeared in the Sony TV series “Crime Patrol” and “Gudiya Hamari Sabhi Pe Bhari ” on the small screen. Speaking of the big screen, I have also appeared in “Stree Film” and the January 26, 2023 release “Gandhi Godse Ek Yudh” by Rajkumar Santoshi Productions. The narrative in my upcoming book, which is about to be released, is about a dancer from the Bedia community. I can only say that the fight continues even after arriving at the goal.”

Jyoti has made a space for herself in the world of writing with years of expertise and bravery, and the audience has been quite appreciative of her work. She published her debut book, Hope In Despair “Basterd Girl” in April 2021. Although the book’s title appears to be offensive, the reasoning behind it is good. The novel tells the tale of a young woman who, despite being reared in a bad environment, works tirelessly to realise her aspirations. Many readers have complimented the book for the lovely plot it has depicted. The upcoming Book of the writing veteran is being called to be “Bhavarkali- Story of Folk Dancers”, for which the readers are very excited and it is being awaited by a wide range of readers.

She is a skilled writer, and both her personal experience and those around her have served as inspiration. She feels that every individual is unique, particularly when it comes to one’s own ideology. Her writing has a unique voice, and priceless pearl-like ideas that she has collected from her mind and experiences are expressed there. Under the delicate glow of her writing, the realities of the world may more clearly be seen.

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