Young Author Jyoti Raykwar to launch her next two books ‘Bhanwarkali’ & ‘Am I Hanger?’. With her beautiful penning    

Jyoti Raykwar

Writers have the power to change the perception of the world with their insightful words. Today all over the world we have witnessed great authors who have been an influence on people and have altered the lives of people. Writers have the power to incite dreams with their words and one such person who has been garnering love is Jyoti Raykwar, a writer by profession.

With years of experience and courage, Jyoti has carved a niche for herself in the realm of writing and received a lot of appreciation from the audience. In April 2021 she released her first book Hope in Despair ‘Basterd Girl’. The title seems to be offensive but the thought process behind the name of the book is excellent. The book depicts the story of a girl who is raised in a negative environment and strives to full fill her dreams without stopping. The book has been praised by a lot of readers for the beautiful story it has portrayed.

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Having expertise in writing, her writing journey has been inspired by her own experience and the people around her. She believes that every person is different from each other and especially when it comes to one’s own ideology. Her writing speaks something special and her precious pearls like thoughts from the ocean of mind and experiences are put into words, in the light of whose soft radiance the truths of the world can be better exposed.

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Talking about her work and giving advice to people, Jyoti Raykwar says, “Writing is something that comes from the heart and witnessing happening around individuals. Anyone can become a writer if you start observing things and pen down the instances beautifully by adding a chain of thoughts and meaning into it. When I started writing I always made sure that my words are strong enough to convey a message to the audience and with this thought I was lucky enough to get recognition from people.”  

She further added, “I just want people to experience the truth and then write, write for your soul not just for a hobby. Only then will those feelings arise in writing whose language will be understood by every reader.”

Balancing her life beautifully, she got a chance to get featured in a print magazine for her long beautiful hair. She has been in print advertising for Dabar Asli Amla Star 2013 winning awards and appreciation. Power-packed with a lot of talent, Jyoti is all set to publish her next two books, “Bhanwarkali” and “Am I Hanger?.” Both the books are expected to leave the audience with an amazing and thought-provoking experience. It would be exciting to see how people will take, Jyoti’s next two books. Such writers are the need of the hour who have such unique ideas and concepts in mind. If you also want to enjoy her writing you can get access on Kindle and also purchase from Amazon.

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