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Meghdut Sinha

Before digitization, one had to do traditional business to create a fortune, but once people were armed with the digital world, Success came quickly. As a result of technical developments, several companies such as Google, Facebook, and others rose to prominence. Making money in the internet world is more accessible today than previously. But what goes behind earning money is the right strategy and approach.

Similarly, Social Media is now not just a platform for entertainment but a place where people can generate revenue. But people tend to focus on followers & engagement on social media or online business instead of doing what they are good at. So, to help such people in developing skills and knowledge, Meghdut Sinha, a business consultant, has been a pioneer for people by guiding them through the right strategy building.

Based out of Kolkata, Meghdut Sinha has expertise in understanding the algorithm of the online world, due to which he has helped more than 1500+ people to monetize their Social Media & Hobbies. To help people from every nook of the world, he has created some well-proven strategies & systems where Individuals and Businesses can monetize their Social Media Content or Business without having a huge amount of followers or engagement within three weeks. Not just is he focused on monetizing money for people, but he is on a novel mission to remove unemployment from India by teaching people about new technology, which he was able to do with full efficiency.

This business consultant’s journey is not easy as it seems; before establishing himself in the industry, he faced a lot of struggles that made him learn a lot about life.

Sharing about his failures and difficulties, Meghdut stated, “As failure is the first few chapters of Success, I failed seven times in building Startup in partnership. Not losing hope, I did many jobs from 2018 to early 2020, but as I am not a Job person, I kept on Switching Job profiles every six to seven months to find my comfort zone. Eventually, I decided to start full-time content creation. I became financially broke due to wasting money on useless materials rather than investing in the knowledge and skills that made me happy. As I was financially broke, I couldn’t invest, so I lent money from my friend and started my journey with only under 10,000 One time Capital.”

After multiple failures, his never giving up attitude made him stand as a brand in himself who is helping and guiding millions of people on the Path to Success. Most people in India are backdated and think they can learn everything from Youtube for free, but unfortunately, nothing is free, and they hustle to achieve their dreams. To help such people, Meghdut Sinha has started a podcast name ‘MINUS ONE’ In this podcast; he talks to entrepreneurs about their journey from zero or maybe minus one and their Industry Secrets. This helps people learn and get the motivation to work for themselves and stop comparing their lives with others’ successes.

Constantly working on innovation to bring something new to the table, the virtuoso is working on the new business idea for Blockchain Technology (Not Crypto) and the FMCG Industry. His focus is on creating an environment full of skill, knowledge, and know-how to invest in their work and generate revenue from it. Believing in e-learning websites only provides knowledge, but his main focus is to provide knowledge and develop skills and a System to execute and a Community to guide you in the right direction for Life-Time.

As Success can’t be achieved overnight, Meghdut Sinha advises one should not run behind results; instead, follow the process and be consistent with dreams. If you are facing any issues, he is there to guide and motivate everyone on the path to success; all you need to do is follow him on Instagram and remain updated with his new teaching.

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