Syam Babu Embodies The Essence of Photography

Syam Babu

When we think about photography, we feel that it’s a hobby for an individual but working behind the lens requires a lot of skills. Great photographers who are known for their great work did years of practice to become one. Through their camera, they develop an emotion that is captured for years. Acing the same concept, Syam Babu, a renowned photographer has established himself in the industry over the years.

Who is Syam Babu ?

Having a passion for photography, Syam Babu started his career as a news photographer at Malayala Manorama in 2002. Following that, the artist worked at Vanitha until 2008, when he was hired as a fashion photographer by a regional monthly magazine. The photographer has established himself as a well-known figure in the creative business and in the field of photography.

Noted for his ability to turn his vision into a stunning shot, got the opportunity to collaborate with Jayachandran, a well-known South Indian singer. To say the least, Syam did justice to every shot he took, and the audience was grateful and complimented on his abilities. 

In recent times he completed two photoshoots that were very well received by the audience. The first shoot was a transgender shoot, where he made people realize that it’s time for us, as a developing country, to say goodbye to the ‘Gender Discrimination’ that exists in our society and start treating the Trans Community with the respect they deserve.

The second shoot was a conceptual shoot, where photos are frequently accompanied by a story about a hidden meaning. The photographer decides on the concept before shooting the shot and tries to capture it as exactly as possible. On the occasion of international Women’s Day, he has done an amazing photoshoot that he will sharing on his Instagram handle.

Syam Babu’s Photography Journey

Talking about his journey, Syam Babu says, “I am happy that I have got a chance to work with so many celebs in the industry. Over the years, I got to learn a lot about photography skills from celebrated photographers. I’ve never stopped thinking about polishing my skills and perfecting my ideas to click a masterpiece that enthralls and changes people’s minds. Your admirers, who fight for your craft every day and reward you with unparalleled success, are the most crucial thing you should always value and respect.”

The renowned photographer has created a name for himself in the industry. Syam Babu has proven his mettle in the field by doing sports photography, fashion photography, street photography, magazine shootings, and photoshoots with some of the most well-known celebrities. He shares his professional journey among the reputable and named organizations: The Week, Smart Life, Manorama Aarogyam, Manorama Varshika Pathippu, Paripidam, and Vishu Kanni Manorama Weekly, Vanitha Pajakam, Vanitha Veedu, Manorama Fastrack, KarshakaSree, and several other Manorama prints and digital projects.

Life will reward you with wonderful winning opportunities that you could never have dreamed of if you are willing to go above and beyond for your success story. Syam Babu has shown the world that creativity is a powerful instrument for expressing emotions and bringing about social change.

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