Meenu Agarwal Illumines The Vision of Norwegian Interior Design Approach: Friluftsliv

Meenu Agarwal suggests, “Adapting to the new normal, people across the world are getting health-conscious and looking for elements that add to a robust lifestyle.

Meenu Agarwal

To embrace winter like a Norwegian, the concept of Friluftsliv awaits. It means open-air living that elevates the idea of spending quality time with loved ones in the arms of nature. Entwined with interior design, its objective is to create an outdoor space experience at home. By merging them, people can stay cognate to nature when they are indoors. Meenu Agarwal the Founder and Director of MADS Creations, paves the way to build interiors inspired by the Norwegian philosophy of Friluftsliv. 

She explains, “As seasons change, so do trends! While many people relish and embrace Hygge, the concept of enhancing snugly and comfy places at home, the fresh view of Friluftsliv augments interior design. It is an abstraction of Norwegian culture having roots going back to over 5,000 years, a philosophy of simple outdoor life in the arms of nature without destroying or disturbing it.”

The transformation in technology, environmental concerns, and cultural and economic influences are shaping our way of living. More than ever, we look for a place to provide comfort, security, self-expression, and optimism. When we think of a city, we think of tall buildings, bustling cars, and miles and miles of asphalt. What we miss are organic spaces such as parks, gardens, or lakes right next to busy roads.

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When society was shut down because of the lockdown, nature was still open. It is where people went to disconnect from daily stress, uncertainty, and crammed apartments. After the lockdown was lifted, people discovered how soothing Friluftliv is and adapted to this lifestyle.

Meenu Agarwal suggests, “Adapting to the new normal, people across the world are getting health-conscious and looking for elements that add to a robust lifestyle. Design professionals are exploring and bringing forward concepts like friluftsliv to incorporate standards of wellness and proactivity.”  It is a quickly growing biophilic way of interior design that people are embracing. The driving factor for this trend is the fact that it promotes peace and mindfulness and decreases mental lethargy and fatigue. MADS creation brings nature indoors with the help of plants, and long windows which give views of greenery outside.

“To incorporate this trend indoors, several elements can be considered. Proper use of green construction materials, floor plants that keep the air fresh, and living walls that not just enhance the space but also are a visual reminder of wholeness and good health collectively provides glory to a house,” says Agarwal, one of the best interior designers.

Meenu Agarwal MADS Creations states that surrounding an area using beautiful plants incorporates a tropical feel and while selecting them it is important to keep in mind that they have full leaves and show evidence of new growth. Another great tip is to add plants that have healthy roots and rich soil.

Reflecting from 20 years of her experience, Meenu Agarwal says, “To truly play on the concept of Friluftsliv interior design, one must set apart a porch or open-air space of the house for this trend. Installing plants has the power to welcome the outdoor spirit. It has a unique blend of cosmos and luxury that can act as a nexus of the entire house.”

Working closely with her clients, Meenu Agarwal helps define their style through patterns, textures, and colours that speak. Building a house is a task, but building a home is a journey. She believes, to create rooms full of contentment, an interior designer must understand the end user’s requirement at first. Only then a home could be designed to meet people’s needs physically, emotionally, and visually. Therefore, Friluftsliv helps achieve an ultra-modern yet ancient way of feeling the fresh air and envisioning adventure, while living indoors.

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