Revolutionizing Pet Care: India’s Top 5 Emerging Pet Care Companies

As our furry companions become integral members of our families, the need for specialized care has sparked the growth of the pet care industry in India. This surge in demand has given rise to innovative companies dedicated to enhancing the well-being of pets. In this article, we’ll explore the top five Indian companies that are making waves in the pet care sector: Fur Ball Story, Zigly, Supertails, Blep and Sploot.

Pet care companies in India

India’s Top 5 Emerging Pet Care Companies

  1. Fur Ball Story
  2. Zigly
  3. Supertails
  4. Blep
  5. Sploot

India’s Top 5 Emerging Pet Care Companies

Fur Ball Story: Bridging the Gap with Ayurvedic Solutions in Pet care sector

Among these remarkable companies, Fur Ball Story stands out as a pioneer in reimagining pet care through Ayurveda. This unique venture combines ancient wisdom with contemporary science to offer effective and safe Ayurvedic medicines and supplements for pets. Inspired by texts like the Nakul Samhita and guided by Ayurvedic principles, Fur Ball Story is revolutionizing the industry by bringing back natural healing methods.

Established in 2016, Fur Ball Story has been making a difference in the lives of dogs as well as dog lovers. The company has been striving to bring about a change in the veterinary industry’s reliance on allopathic medicines, often overlooking the potential of natural healing methods for animals. Their vision is to harness the healing properties of nature.

Zigly: Delivering Comprehensive Pet Care

Zigly offers a spectrum of services ranging from food, products, and healthcare to grooming, vet consultation, training, and behavior consultation. With multiple experience centers in Delhi and NCR, the brand is set to extend its physical footprint across major cities this year. As a D2C pet care label under the Cosmo First umbrella, Zigly benefits from the global prowess of Cosmo First, a renowned entity established in 1981 with a presence spanning over 100 countries. Zigly’s commitment to offering practical and affordable solutions is reflected in its dedication to expanding its product line, all while ensuring pets’ utmost comfort and well-being remain uncompromised.

Supertails: Elevating Pet Parenthood

Supertails is more than an online pet store; it’s a companion in pet parenting. As India’s foremost online pet store, Supertails curates a diverse selection of pet essentials to enhance the lives of both pets and their devoted owners. With meticulous care, the platform offers top-quality products that cater to every pet’s unique needs. Catering to dogs and cats alike, Supertails’ range includes toys, food, grooming products, and travel supplies, ensuring a joyful and healthy life for furry friends. The platform’s commitment to excellence resonates through its careful selection of products and its online vet consultation services, emphasizing holistic pet care.

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Blep: Nourishing with Love

Blep’s mission centers on the belief that the foundation of a happy and healthy life for pets begins with their bowl. Born out of a profound love for pets, Blep is determined to provide the most suitable and nutritious products for these beloved companions. In a market often dominated by foreign-made, over-processed pet food, Blep sets itself apart by prioritizing human-grade ingredients omitting preservatives and artificial flavors. With an emphasis on nutrient-packed nourishment, Blep’s products are a testament to the commitment the brand holds for its furry customers.

Sploot: Transforming Dog Parenting with Precision

Sploot’s driving force is to empower dog caregivers to oversee their canine companions’ health and wellness comprehensively. In doing so, they are not only enhancing their role as pet parents but also fostering the well-being of their four-legged family members, ensuring they lead healthier, happier, and safer lives. Immersed in conversations with numerous dog parents across India, they uncovered a shared challenge: the aspiration to offer impeccable care often collided with practical limitations. Sploot emerged as a response to bridge this gap, committed to simplifying the lives of dogs and their devoted caretakers. Sploot aims to make the journey of dog parenting an error-free and enjoyable experience for all.

Shaping Pet Care Excellence

As the pet care industry in India experiences unprecedented growth, these five visionary companies are at the forefront of this transformative journey. From Fur Ball Story’s holistic Ayurvedic solutions to Zigly’s comprehensive pet care services, Supertails’ commitment to enhancing pet parenting, Blep’s dedication to nourishing pets with love, and Sploot’s precision-driven approach to dog parenting, each company exemplifies innovation and compassion. Collectively, they are reshaping the landscape of pet care, ensuring a brighter, healthier, and more harmonious future for our beloved furry companions.

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